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Open Contest 7: Voting!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

So, So, So, sorry about all the delay. I was busy and it took longer than I thought. Thank you Sawyer for making the Delay post for me!

Note: Everyone who reads this post can vote if they want. Please vote on all the polls. There are 4!

It’s finally time! We have gotten a lot more poem entries than usual so I thought that we would let them go first.


Contestant 1: White Dog

Reasons why I love you
Let me count the ways
The way your smile sparkles
The way you say my name
When you love me for who I am
I know you’ll never leave
You seem to always make my day
When times are at their weak
Reasons why I love you
I can’t count them on my hands
Reasons why I love you
I hope you understand

Contestant 2: CatloveCrystal

The little child asked her mum,
“Mother, what is the size of your heart?
To find it must you do a large sum?”
Her mum said, “Ah, my child, that is only a part.
To find it you must love first.
Love is as pretty as lilies,
But with it you can be cursed.”
“Why, are those who are cursed sillies?”
Asked the little child.
“They are not sillies at all!”
Cried the mother, a bit wild.
“It is like loving a wall.”
“Mother, I am quite confused,”
The little child sighed.
“They will not be loved back but used.
It would not change if they cried.”
“So how is it pretty like lilies?”
The little child asked.
“When you are loved back, it is lovelier than lilies.”
The mother smiled.
“But now it is time for bed.”
“Good night, Mum,”
The child said.

Contestant 3: Bagel Fox

I love pie.
When I don`t have pie, I cry.
And if you ask why...
I`ll say, "It`s because I don`t have pie!"
My Dad once had a pie tie.
But I ate it.
That`s how much I love pie.
Now I say, bye-bye!

Contestant 4: Cristal Critter

Valentine’s Sad
Valentine’s Day is nice and fun, but only for those who like the sun.
Chocolates and heart shaped balloons, butterflies emerging from velvet cocoons.
Dinner reservations, surprises galore, love letters, sappy poems, and more.
Everyone’s Valentine’s Day is happy and bright, everyone’s except for mine.

Contestant 5: Antigua

Every day from the time I was born, I have wanted an animal, not to big not to worn.
At first, I thought I wanted a dog, I wanted him big and I wanted him strong.
But every dog that I came across, was either too big of a wimp, or his hair was too long.
So, I thought and I thought, Of course I don’t need a mutt. What I need is something better, something more tough.
A billy goat? No but a doe! Yes a doe a female goat would be the one for me. Alas but she wasn’t enough. For she was sweet but loved to butt.
Hmm what else? What was out there for me? I bird! A chicken yes that surely would please. But no the chicken was much to small, and nothing compares to that ear piercing call.
So I though far and wide, and deep down in my mind. My mom had got a sweet little kitty but I wanted nothing do do with her.
Her fur was soft, her eyes yellow. But I wanted nothing to do with a cat that was mellow.
One day I went down to feed, the little kitty. She looked straight up at me with her paw on my hand and we looked each other in the eyes. Twas love, love at first sight. I knew right then that the kitty was mine, and we loved each other till the end of time.
Yes a cat was the one for me, both of us adventurous, and both keen. I found my match and hope to have shared a loving story, Of a kitty, a human and a happy ending.

Contestant 6: Evalor the Valiant

This time of year is a happy time,
A time for love and kisses.
And it can be, a wonderful time
For husbands to please their Mrs’
But sadly for me, I have no girl,
So it’s bachelor day for me!
I have no complaints, that I can’t find her
Cause I have no places to be
Valentine’s day was spent in rest,
Relaxing, in my own simple thought
For, being a bachelor is simply the best
While others are shopping, I’m not.

Those are all so awesome! I am going to have such a hard time deciding!

Voting for Poems:

Digital Art:

Contestant 1: Arcticlily!

They love dogs and Valentine’s day!

Contestant 2: Lucky Elise!

They love their Parents, Flowers, and Chocolate!

Contestant 3: CatloveCrystal!

Image 1:

Shymeena is a love-goddess. To be honest, she loves taking up the shape of an elf and she loves shapeshifting into animals (she’s always a fawn)! Her goddessness is more of a secret, and only her closest friends Ruby and Luna know she’s a goddess. Ruby’s a red fox and Luna is a bunny. But Ruby’s favorite food is rabbit, and friendships can be hard…

There’s a legend that whenever Shymeena is near you and your crush/love of your life, whatever shape she takes, your love/crush will begin to like you.

Image 2:

It’s Luna and her crush, Splatter, talking! And you know what happens when Shymeena’s near you…

Image 3:

Ruby has her eye on someone very special!

Contestant 4: Enchanted Mermacorn!

They love their sister Dion!

Digital Art Voting:

Original Mediums:

Contestant 1: Antigua!

They love Camping and Nature!
They love Stich!

Contestant 2: La Cabra!

Pretty much everyone has seen this but I wanted to enter it anyway since I have never entered it in anything before. I love Ladybug!

Voting for Original Mediums:


Contestant 1: The Crafter.

They Love Crafting!

Contestant 2: Antigua!

They love to Craft.

Contestants 3: La Cabra & Enchanted Mermacorn!

They love History of Civilizations and Crafting.

Crafting Voting:

Thank you so much Everyone! For continusly supporting and entering these contests!!

Since it is also Sunday, Here is a Bible Verse for the day:

“Yahweh, you are my God. I will exalt you! I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago, in complete faithfulness and truth.”

Isaiah 25

The Polls Close Tomorrow Eastern Time: Midnight! Vote on all 4 polls!

Bye Till Next Post!


Published by Corrie.S.P.

The story of Corrie is a strange and fantastic tale told over many generations. It mostly consists of Scripture, books, friends, and fun. But, it has been known to include crochet, cooking, baking, drawing, and organization. Corrie, is a strange beast and likes to dwell in shadows observing life and reading mysteries. She plays with animals and has a few close friends. Jesus Christ died for her sins and she will willingly talk to anyone about the Scriptures. If you wish to seek her friendship you must be honest, friendly, true, faithful, charitable, compassionate, and kind. No ordinary person can win the trust of the Corrie. Explore a little bit of her mind on her blogs, she enjoys getting comments on her posts. It means a lot to her. It means that someone took the time to pay attention and read her post and that is an awesome thing! And remember, tread carefully, for Corrie is always watching.

70 thoughts on “Open Contest 7: Voting!!!!!!!

  1. This was so fun. The poems were all so amazing, and I was proud to be in such a sophisticated crowd. The art was also very good, I am not much of an artist, so I will stick to writing, but to those who are, keep up the good work.

    May the best man/woman win!


      1. For the poem, I put Bagle fox and myself to be cheeky. If it got rid of bagels and put mine, switch it to bagle’s please. I guess it doesn’t work if you put two. Thanks


    1. Oh thanks! I did not really pick it per-say. I opened up my and there it was. Verse of the day. I really liked it so I did not look to try and find one like usual. Is that cheating?😂😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, hope this does not offend you but: I was an admin of Cathugger before u stopped posting on there. Could u remover me as admin? I am admin on some other people’s sites and it gets confusing with all the sites being there. I figured since you don’t use the site anymore I don’t need to be an admin on there. Let me know.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah lol. No offense taken! (although if you want follow it still, you have to re-follow it because the only way to remove admin or anything that you can be a part of a site, you have to remove them; sorry [that’s why Nat and Spiritkeeper are contributors; after the interview is over, I don’t want to un-follow them because it’s kinda weird])


  2. Hi if you host another contest I would love to enter, I have some drawings that I drew that I would love to share.


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