The Third Times The Charm!!!

Hey Guys! I know that Sawyer has been asking when the next one was going to be. Well today’s the day!!

To start of the theme of this, The Third Open Contest is:

Draw an original character Princess!

Here are the details: You can create any type of princess you want. Give her unique colors and designs. She can be Person, Animal, Mermaid, ect……..

Here are the official Rules:

  1. This contest is purely optional. You are not obliged to participate but please let me know if you are unable to draw or do not wish to enter the contest.
  2. You are free to use existing pictures as reference.
  3. All the art must be original and yours alone. Any forgery or copying will not be permitted.
  4. You must stick to the weekly theme or you’ll be disqualified.
  5. You must turn in your drawings/art by the set time or they will not be entered into the contest.
  6. Any criticism or making fun of someone else’s drawing/art will not be permitted and you will be disqualified.
  7. If there is a Tie the person with the least amount of votes will break the Tie.
  8. You may vote on any one picture but your own.
  9. If there is a tie the losers of the tie will be in 2nd and 3rd place.
  10. You may not enter any drawings / art that has been entered in a contest before.
  11. You may enter old art that fits the theme as long as it has never been entered in a contest.
  12. You may only vote on 1 person.
  13. No Tracing Or Cheating.
  14. This channel is for art contest related info only.
  15. Nothing immature or inappropriate.
  16. In the case of a Open Contest Tie I will decide the winner to keep it easier.
  17. Every Contestant Must have a Code-name.
  18. The sooner you turn in your art the better. The order in which your turn in your art is the order in which it will be show on my blog.
  19. You Must Have Fun. Don’t Enter Unless You Enjoy It.

I will be going over every Entry. I will check to see that the rules are followed.

Here is the procedure for turning in your entrys:

Step 1. Make a Drawing/Painting/Sketch/Craft/Ect.. That matches the theme.

Step 2. The title of the post should be the name of your princess. In the post describe your princess however you want. Her age? Place she lives? Pet? It is up to you. Also in the post Make a Section with your Code-name. The code-name can be anything you want as long as it is not immature or inappropriate.

Step 3. Post that Drawing/Painting/Sketch/Craft/Ect.. on your blog using a password protected post.

Step 4. Post a comment in the chat section of this post with a link to the password protected post. Give me the password in your comment.

Step 5. I will drop a comment in the chat section of the password protected post to let you know that you have been accepted into the Open Contest.

Do not worry If you don’t see your comment approved. I will not approve the comment until after the Open Contest is over to keep your drawing anonymous until the Voting.

I Can’t wait!😁😄

I hope some people want to enter.

Your picture, if you say thats ok, will be my signoff if you win. If not I will make a seporate post about your dawing. I will give you full credit at the end of each post if I use your drawing as a signoff.

Good Luck Guys!


Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Drawing Contest Extended

Hey guys!

Lucky Elise

Hi, Luckies so I only got one drawing from corrie so she automatically wins!

It is a bird and so because a bird sings so it is a singer! Give it up for Corrie!!!!! I am extending the contest to July 20th. Please repost so that way more people can join. Thank you! The new theme is Dogs. Byeeeeee!

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God, The World & Humans




Lesson 120

Assignment:  This week you have seen how the climate and the earth (natural processes) do not work together flawlessly. Soil is eroded away by water and wind. Watershed ecosystems lose topsoil. Lakes and reservoirs fill up with sediment. Flooding destroys farmland. Hurricanes and human activity damages wetlands. Furthermore, human conservation practices cannot solve every environmental problem. While dams solve some problems, they in turn cause other problems such as weakening ecosystems and preventing silt and nutrients from reaching farmland.

In the last lesson you learned about “climate change.” All of these problems are effects of the Fall (Genesis 3). So, does God care? Is He still in control? Or are we at the mercy of nature? How should we live as stewards in this world?

This article will answer these questions and sum up what we have been focusing on this week. Read and then write a 150-word summary of the main points: https://creation.com/creation-preservation-and-dominion-part-1


God is in control. He always has and always will be. We as people made in God’s image are told to be stewards of the earth, to rule over it and all the creatures therein. We must protect and rule wisely. We were put here to use the resources but to also not use them unwisely. God will return, and when He does, He will judge those who have hurt the earth and animals. The earth is quickly becoming overpopulated and that has a great affect on climate change, soil erosion and many other types of disasters. Many people say that people are no different than animals, plants, and general life on the planet. Those ideas are entirely comical if you have read The Bible. It clearly states that we are the stewards of the earth. In conclusion, too many people believe that they must bow before mother nature instead of God.


The Power of Words




Final Essay Grade 6

Lesson: 180

Assignment: Write an Essay about Writing. You may take this essay in whatever direction you choose. Examples: What is Writing? Is writing important? What are the most important things about writing you have learned? What do you plan to do with your writing skills in the future?

The Power of Words

Words. Do you even stop to think about them? Do they hurt? Heal? Make right a wrong? Do they even matter? In fact, why should we even try to write them, master them, or come to understand them?

Words have impact. You could say a simple hello to someone on the street and unbeknownst to you they decide not to commit suicide because you turned their day around. In the same way writing can greatly impact someone’s life, sometimes for good, other times for bad. You must master words and how they are used to fully understand writing.  

Have you ever read a moving piece of writing? An article maybe, a book, or poem? Have you read The Bible? All of these things greatly impact people’s lives. The Bible for instance is the Word of God, if you read it and really study it, God’s Word will change your life for the better. Every line, every pronunciation mark, every word, all these things were ordained by God. You may say “that proves my point, God ordained those books, I can’t write that well.” You would be wrong.

Anyone can write. Writing may come easier to some people rather than others but any person with practice and hard work can write. There are four main myths about writing:

#1. I have to be in The Mood. The answer to that is you don’t. Do you think writers make their living by only writing when they are in the mood? They might never get their manuscripts finished. If you force yourself to write it not only gets you in the mood but by forcing yourself to write you get better and better. Some people may never be “in the mood” to write but that does not mean they can’t.

#2. I don’t have time to write. This is perhaps the silliest myth. If you face everything with that attitude you will never have time for anything. Do you have time to watch movies? Do you have time to talk to your friends? Why? The answer is because you make time. If you can make time for those things then you can make time to write. Perhaps only 15 minuets a day, but you can do it.

#3. Writing is a gift you are born with. It’s not. I can debunk that myth myself. I have not always been a good writer. I don’t think I am a great one. But I can write. I was not born with it. No one is. Do babies write thesis? Do toddlers publish books? No, the reason people are good at writing is practice, hard work, and time.

#4. Writing is only for geniuses. I think this is the most popular believed myth. Some people have a really hard time writing. It may not be what they want to do or they may not be inspired. Maybe they hate it. It might seem silly to them. But as I said before, anyone with practice and patience can write.

Writing can change the world. We see that in so many ways. The news is a big one. When people want to fid out what is happening, they read the news. What they read determines their ideas and opinions. If what they read is the truth it may have an impact for good. If it is a lie, it could have catastrophic consequences.

I have learned a lot about writing. I plan to use my knowledge for good. God will determine how, it’s in His hands. I plan to use my blog to spread the gospel and to become a better writer. If we all learn to write well God can use it to spread His Word and save many people.


welcome to the summer ’22 blog contests! || summer of stories 2022 {signups + 1st prompt}

Hey Guys!
I’m also entering in this! I hope you check it out!

maggie’s doodles

hello!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SUMMER FUN?? 🤩

i’m co-hosting the summer blog contests with evin this year! it’s an amazing event inspiring creativity, fun, and hey, a bit of competition!

summer of stories’ will be hosted here on maggie’s doodles, and you can go to a curly sue’s ramblings for all your ‘avenue of art’ challenges and information!

🌺 keep on reading for more info! 🌺

about the summer blog contests:

there are two contests – the summer of stories on maggie’s doodles, and the avenue of art hosted on a curly sue’s ramblings

how to participate:

follow the creative prompts (posted every tuesday until the 19th of july) by emailing your entries to summerblogcontest@gmail.com ! you can participate in both or just one of the contests.

what the contests are:

  • summer of stories (here on maggie’s doodles!) includes…

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The summer blog contests are back! // Sign-ups + first prompt

Hey Guys!
I’m participating in this contest. I think it will be a ton of fun! You should sign-up if you are interested!

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

It’s the first day of summer and if you’re looking to do fun activities, and boredom busters – well you’ve come to the perfect place! Maggie and I have put together 4 creative prompts, to keep you busy throughout the month of June-July!

And they include writing, crafting, drawing and more! 🌻

We introduce you to…

….the second annual summer blog contests!

The first time the summer blog contests were held was in 2020! we didn’t get a chance to do it again in 2021, but we’re back now. I first hosted it with kaelyn, but this year, maggie’s the co-host :))

🍉Wanna know what all this is about? Read on to find out!🍉

What the summer blog contests are: They’re two contests hosted on 2 separate blogs – Mine and Maggie’s.

How to participate: Follow the creative prompts posted every Tuesday until the 12th of July

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How the Goat got Her Beard




Lesson: 165

Writing Assignment: Use the style of Rudyard Kipling and your own creativity to write your own Just So Story about how something strange came to be.

How the Goat got Her Beard

Once, long before man had knowledge of livestock and fowl and beasts, the goat lived wild and free. She pranced on dark gray mountains, danced over the greenest fields, and ate wherever she wanted. Now my dear friends, this was before man had knowledge of livestock, fowl, and beasts. A man came by-and-by to a green grassy meadow that lay before a great gray mountain with a forest beyond and decided to settle there. He built a small hut and planted a garden. He dug a canal to have fresh water from the mountain stream and he settled into life.

By-and-by my dear friends, Goat came to the green grassy meadow and saw Man’s hut and garden and canal. She said to herself “Here lies something new and unexpected. I must see what bountiful goodness I may reap.” She clip clopped her way over toward the hut and began to nibble upon the sweet grass that was used to build the roof. Lucky for her Man was away from his hut and he did not see her. If he had known of such things, he would have made guards but this was before Man had knowledge of livestock, fowl, and beasts. She made quick work of the roof eating nearly half of it away when suddenly she spotted Man’s garden. “What a gracious stroke of luck the Creator has sent to me today!” She exclaimed, “I shall not be hungry for much longer.” The she skipped over to investigate the beautiful vegetables, fruit and other delights Man’s garden had to offer. She saw corn and quickly ate it up (although she much preferred the leaves to the rest), she saw melons and broke them open to eat. She ate Man’s peas, squash, tomatoes, and berries. Oh, the berries. She loved the berries my dear friends.

Then she suddenly heard a sound as she approached the apples. It was Man! She quickly dashed off as fast as her hooves could carry her. Man returned to find his hard work dashed and he was sorely unpleased. The damage to his roof, the garden torn to shreds. It was such a mess that, thought man, only a great beast could have done this horrible, mighty work of evil. Before Man had knowledge of livestock and fowl and beasts, he did not know that a mere goat could cause such chaos.

Man tried building a fence but Goat just climbed it. He tried planting thorns and prickers but Goat just loved the new addition to the crop. After many hard laborious tries he was at the very pinnacle of his intellect.

Up till now Man had never seen her. She always happened to come by when he was away gathering supplies, or visiting his family, because my dear friends, Man had a mother and a father just like you. But on his last trip he told his parents of the great beast who kept mutilating his stores. They asked for a description and he was ashamed to say he had never seen it. But on this occasion, he resolved to not rest until he had seen this great beast. He took extra provisions and went on his way. He made a hidden place not far from his hut and there Man stayed. He stayed there for 3 whole days and whole nights.

On the fourth day Man was awakened by a great bleating and braying. It was Goat and she had come to forage off of Man’s work. Man could not believe his eyes. This was the creature that had destroyed his toil and labor? This tiny animal? Goat came prancing in and started to quickly work on the garden. She found everything to her liking and man was amazed. This animal would eat anything! She loved the fruit and vegetables but mostly the stalks and leaves. As he watched her Man grew increasingly angry and resolved to catch this beast and make her pay for her crimes. He sprang from his place of concealment but he was not fast enough. She sprang nimbly out of the way. He tried again and again but Goat was too fast, too nimble, and too quick.

Finally, Man had no strength in his body. He could chase Goat no more. Goat ran nimbly up the great gray mountain as free as the wind. Man surveyed the results of his labors. His garden was just as ruined as before he tried to catch Goat. He made up his mind then that he would not rest till he had beaten Goat. He would set a trap. He gathered all the most luscious, delectable, juicy, and best fruits and plants from his garden. He put them away where Goat could not find them. He put them in his hiding place where they would be cool and safe. He then set to work repairing and strengthening his home. He would not be caught unaware again. He then repaired the fence around his garden. He replanted the destroyed crops, tilled the weeds, and set his trap. He set up vines and ropes in a pattern so as when Goat went to the middle of the garden, she would be all tangled. It had to work! No more would Man be plagued by Goat!

Unbeknownst to Man, Goat had made up her mind to never return to the green grassy meadow that lay before the great gray mountain. She could find just enough food on her mountain. The human’s garden was tempting but she did not want to be caught. She stayed away so long that Man almost thought she was gone for good.

 But, by-and-by more goats came to the mountain and Goat was getting overcrowded. She was also expecting kids so she really needed better food then just the mountain greenery. Goat decided to test the garden of Man once more. She trotted down carefully keeping watch for the man. Man saw her coming and hid quickly. He would capture her this time.

Sure enough, when Goat went into the garden, she went straight for the only good plants left. The Grapes. The others he had harvested for him and his family. She did not notice that as she walked man was tightening the grapevines and hidden ropes around her as she passed them. When she reached the grapes, Man pulled the trap tight and Goat was caught. She struggled. She fought, bleated, brayed and kicked but it was no use. She could not get free. Man walked close to Goat. He saw that she was expecting kids. He was much in the mind to keep her and her kids. She would make a valuable addition to his possessions.

“What do you want me for?” Goat asked Man, “Do you wish to eat me?”

“Not in the least, I intend to make you, my possession.”

“Will you hurt me or my kids? I fear for their safety most of all.” She replied.

“I shall not, your kids will be safe here with me and you can eat all the weeds and harmful plants in my garden.” What are you called, strange animal?” He asked.

“I am called Goat; I have always been Goat.”

He thought a moment and he knew that goat would need to be changed in ways to make her easier to capture and hold. He gathered some soft hay and grass, molded some putty out of mud and sap and stuck this beard-of-sorts to her chin.

“What are you doing to me?!” She exclaimed. “I don’t want that terrible stuff on me!”

“I am making you easier to trap.” Man said.

He then found two curved sticks of hard durable wood and fastened horns from them. That way, now he could grasp her by the beard or horns if need be.

In time the sticks and grass melded to Goat and became a part of her. When she had new kids, they were born with horns and beards. This, my dear friends, is how the Goat got her Beard and Horns.


One Week Left!!!

Hey Guys!

One week left till the Open Contest Deadline!!! I wanted to remind you all. You can read this post for more details:

And this post for the theme and all related info:

Hope to see your entries soon!



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The Open Contest Deadline!


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