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Face Reveal Prologue

Hey Guys!

AT LAST! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! (or maybe just one I’ve been waiting for)

The…………………… Send in what you think I look like post! Or if you know already (*cough* Sawyer) Send in what you thought I looked like.

This post will be up till the 25th!

Until which time you all will, or will not, send in what you think I look like. The fuller the details the better. Eye color, hair color, hair type, hair length, height guesses, freckles, dimples, face shape, ect… ect… I’m sure you guys can figure it out.

The person who sends in the most accurate description of me will win the remaining prize:

 Blog Showcase/Highlight. I will make a post sharing your blog with my followers and talking about it. I will feature it on my blog homepage for 1 week.

And the most outlandish description of me will win a guest post or collab.

And the rest of you will get the honor of seeing my lovely face😛 🤣😂

So start sending in your descriptions of me. I will have a timer down below to let you know how much time you have to submit what you think.

Also, I will keep the description comments unapproved for now till the reveal. So if you have anything else to say send that in in a different comment.😃



  hours  minutes  seconds


Sending in Descriptions of Me Ends!!

I’m really excited about this! So if you have time or want to send it in don’t hesitate!



The Third Times The Charm!!!

Hey Guys! I know that Sawyer has been asking when the next one was going to be. Well today’s the day!!

To start of the theme of this, The Third Open Contest is:

Draw an original character Princess!

Here are the details: You can create any type of princess you want. Give her unique colors and designs. She can be Person, Animal, Mermaid, ect……..

Here are the official Rules:

  1. This contest is purely optional. You are not obliged to participate but please let me know if you are unable to draw or do not wish to enter the contest.
  2. You are free to use existing pictures as reference.
  3. All the art must be original and yours alone. Any forgery or copying will not be permitted.
  4. You must stick to the weekly theme or you’ll be disqualified.
  5. You must turn in your drawings/art by the set time or they will not be entered into the contest.
  6. Any criticism or making fun of someone else’s drawing/art will not be permitted and you will be disqualified.
  7. If there is a Tie the person with the least amount of votes will break the Tie.
  8. You may vote on any one picture but your own.
  9. If there is a tie the losers of the tie will be in 2nd and 3rd place.
  10. You may not enter any drawings / art that has been entered in a contest before.
  11. You may enter old art that fits the theme as long as it has never been entered in a contest.
  12. You may only vote on 1 person.
  13. No Tracing Or Cheating.
  14. This channel is for art contest related info only.
  15. Nothing immature or inappropriate.
  16. In the case of a Open Contest Tie I will decide the winner to keep it easier.
  17. Every Contestant Must have a Code-name.
  18. The sooner you turn in your art the better. The order in which your turn in your art is the order in which it will be show on my blog.
  19. You Must Have Fun. Don’t Enter Unless You Enjoy It.

I will be going over every Entry. I will check to see that the rules are followed.

Here is the procedure for turning in your entrys:

Step 1. Make a Drawing/Painting/Sketch/Craft/Ect.. That matches the theme.

Step 2. The title of the post should be the name of your princess. In the post describe your princess however you want. Her age? Place she lives? Pet? It is up to you. Also in the post Make a Section with your Code-name. The code-name can be anything you want as long as it is not immature or inappropriate.

Step 3. Post that Drawing/Painting/Sketch/Craft/Ect.. on your blog using a password protected post.

Step 4. Post a comment in the chat section of this post with a link to the password protected post. Give me the password in your comment.

Step 5. I will drop a comment in the chat section of the password protected post to let you know that you have been accepted into the Open Contest.

Do not worry If you don’t see your comment approved. I will not approve the comment until after the Open Contest is over to keep your drawing anonymous until the Voting.

I Can’t wait!😁😄

I hope some people want to enter.

Your picture, if you say thats ok, will be my signoff if you win. If not I will make a seporate post about your dawing. I will give you full credit at the end of each post if I use your drawing as a signoff.

Good Luck Guys!


Photo by mali maeder on

The Autumn Lover Tag!

Hey guys!

Okkii…….. So. I can still do this tag?

It’s not teeeeechnically winter till tomorrow right?😬

So, Rules:

  • Thank and mention whoever tagged you, or whose blog you found this on.
  • Mention the creator of this tag – Rebekah @Books and Hooks
  • Include these rules in your post.
  • Use the tag ‘autumnlovertag’ on your post so I can find and read it.
  • Answer the 10 autumn-themed questions.
  • Answer the 10 autumn-themed “this or that” questions.
  • Make and share an autumn aesthetic or share some fallish photos you’ve taken.
  • Share a few things you want to do this fall.
  • Nominate a few people or leave an open nomination.
  • Have fun and enjoy the season of autumn!

I was one of the first commenters on Heidi’s Blog. You can read her post Here.

So, my fall photos:

These I took for a fall themed contest.

Since fall is over, here is a list of some things I did during it.

  • Had a Fire
  • Drank Hot Cocoa
  • Ate Krispy Kream Donuts
  • Made Pies
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with Friends
  • Finally made a Key-Lime Pie with juice from the limes from my Key-Lime tree.
  • Went Roller Skating
  • Jogged/Walked more often
  • Received my dad’s old Phone and took pictures of the Sunset
My little sister picked these flowers for me.

Heidi was nice enough to compile all the questions at the end of her post so they’d be easy to copy/paste. I will do that at the end of mine too.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

I love the colors that come with fall. I love the air getting crisper. I love Thanksgiving and celebrating all that God has given us.

What is your least favorite thing about fall?

I have never thought about that before. I have noticed that sometimes with the weather changes I get a cold or feel under the weather, but I don’t mind much about the season.

What is your favorite fall scent?

Hmm…….. I do like cinnamon, and apple. I also like pumpkin, depending on the type of sent. I don’t really smell lots of scents. Mostly whatever candle I have on hand. I like the smell of hot chocolate as well.

What is your favorite fall food?

Dinner. I don’t go very big into pumpkin, spices, and whatnot. I do enjoy dinners more because of the hot food at the end of the day. It fills you up and makes your stomach warm. Soup is also very good in fall.

What is your favorite fall movie/book?

I don’t really know any. The only fall book I’m reading is Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party. It’s about a mystery at a fall/halloween party.

What is your favorite fall song?

Autumn Leaves With Babbling Brook for Restful Sleep and Total Relaxation:


It’s part of an album that I listen to to sleep or when I’m working on something. (it’s also the only autumn song I could think of)😂

You should listen to it while you read this post😜

What is your favorite fall tradition?

My family does not really have traditions. But I love having Thanksgiving with our friends.

What is your favorite fall activity?

Having fires and eating warm food.

What is your favorite fall quote?

I don’t have one. I don’t really pay much attention to quotes.

What is your favorite fall outfit?

I like wearing crocheted things and boots are comfy. I don’t really think too much about my outfits really. For my face reveal I will probably just wear one of my favorite t-shirts and jeans😂 I am a big fan of oversized shirts.

Hot cocoa or apple cider?

Hot Chocolate, I’ve only had cider once and it’s not my fave. I do like it cold with ice though.

Flannel or sweater?

Honestly, I don’t really know the difference. I don’t pay much attention to my clothes unless I’m going somewhere in public. I don’t think I have any sweaters. And I’m not sure about flannle.

Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

I prefer apple. Pumpkin is not my favorite flavor.

Rainy days or sunny days?

I love them both. Here is Florida we have quite a few of both types. During this fall though, there were some nice rainy days. Today was one of those. They are nice for sitting around a reading.

Watch a movie or read a book?

Books all the way! On Sundays when my sisters watch movies, I usually read books or chat with friends. I watch movies in the evenings when I do.

Sunflower or pumpkin décor?

I like sunflowers. They are my favorite flowers along with yellow roses. I am not a decorator. I do straighten my room, but I don’t decorate like so many other bloggers I see do.

Thanksgiving or Halloween?

My family and I don’t celebrate Halloween, we never have. I really enjoy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We get together with friends and I get to bake desserts for it.

Pumpkin patch or Apple picking?

I have done neither. I think I would like apple picking better though. I’ve seen pumpkin patches. There is one put on by a church in a town near my house. I don’t think I would hate it or anything. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think they are bad or anything😂 I just am not very interested in it. I have never seen an orchard though, the only picking I have ever done was at a blueberry farm near my house and I pick blackberries that grow on the edges of our field.

Spooky autumn or Cozy autumn?

I don’t like spooky things. They give me the creeps and I have trouble sleeping sometimes when things are spooky and such. I don’t mean like spooky decorations, I have seen them, I just don’t like spooky stories, Creepy music, or really creepy looking pictures. So in answer to that. I like cozy autumns.

Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cinnamon?

It depends on the situation, though apple is my preference.

I do love pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing though😉


Autumn Themed Questions:

  • What is your favorite thing about fall?
  • What is your least favorite thing about fall?
  • What is your favorite fall scent?
  • What is your favorite fall food?
  • What is your favorite fall movie/book?
  • What is your favorite fall song?
  • What is your favorite fall tradition?
  • What is your favorite fall activity?
  • What is your favorite fall quote?
  • What is your favorite fall outfit?

This or That Questions:

  • Hot cocoa or apple cider?
  • Flannel or sweater?
  • Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
  • Rainy days or sunny days?
  • Watch a movie or read a book?
  • Sunflower or pumpkin decor?
  • Thanksgiving or Halloween?
  • Pumpkin patch or apple picking?
  • Spooky autumn or cozy autumn?
  • Pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon?

I nominate:

Anyone whose favorite holiday is thanksgiving.

Anyone who reads this post tonight.

The first 3 people who comment on something they read in the post that would not jump out as important to the casual observer. 😁

Thanks for reading everyone! Let’s give Autumn a big send off!!


What I made for: Thanksgiving!

Hey Guys!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Mine was nice and relaxing. We hung out with friends and ate some yummy food.

Some of that I’m going to share with you.

To start off with, on Wednesday afternoon, I make some Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.


Note: I made half the icing the recipe called for.


Made the batter, then I poured it into the tins. Cooked them for 15 min and then cooled them on a rack.

While I was mixing the batter I thought the bits of pumpkin stuck to the beaters looked like starfish legs:

Starfish legs:

Doesn’t it though?


While the cupcakes cooled I went outside and took some pics of the sunset:

I was experimenting with my photos.

Once it got dark I did not have a lot of time left so I frosted the cupcakes:

This photo was taken the next morning since I forgot to take one that night.

Then I made the

Lime Curd:

It firmed in the fridge overnight.

The next morning I made the

Pie Crust:

I then made the


The rolls probably too the longest:

While they cooked I heated up the creamed corn:

Once we got there I was introduced to the turkey. His name was Carl.

He was very yummy.

I forgot to take a picture of my plate. It was too good to stop eating. Anyway…….

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made for Thanksgiving!

Also a reminder!

Today is the LAST DAY for you to send in assumptions of what I look like!

Red this post for more info:

What did you all make for thanksgiving? What was your favorite thing?


Face Reveal Last Chance!

Hey guys!

So, I am doing my face reveal next week or so and the deadline to send it what you think of me is nearing its end.


Remember to be as descriptive as possible. Eye color, hair color, hair type, hair length, height guesses, freckles, dimples, face shape, ect… ect… I’m sure you guys can figure it out.

Go to this post for the rest of the details:


How is everyone doing? Any plans for Thanksgiving?


Continental Congress




Lesson: 20

Writing Assignment: Write a two-to-three-page paper on the following topic:

Pretend you were a delegate to the Continental Congress. Write a paper describing your grievances against the Parliament and how they should be solved.

I am from Rhode Island. Parliament must be stopped. Their acts are increasingly growing and with them, the taxes. Our colonists cannot continue following these numerous acts or we shall have no money left. My family alone, has been reduced almost to poverty because of such acts.

However, our colony’s grievances did not start with the acts, but rather Pontiac’s war, and the shameful way the government has treated the Indians and settlers. During the war, many colonists died because of the poor protection the government has given us. There were not many soldiers sent to fortify the towns and because of that, the Indians massacred many of our people. To defeat the Indians, they were given blankets induced with smallpox. It was a terrible thing to do, the Indians have no way or knowledge of treating that sickness. While they have killed many of our people, they were right in their claims. They were promised their land and the Parliament would not give it back to them.

The acts have been a tremendous strain on our people. The Navigation Acts decrease our income and the Molasses Act had led to smuggling and bribery. By making the Sugar Act, and lowering the prices Parliament has shown they see our disagreement but at this point we do not wish to pay a tax merely for sugar. The Currency Acts have done little except to increase inflation, and diminish our supplies of silver and gold. The Quartering Acts are intolerable! How can we be expected to house soldiers and feed them out of our own pockets? Most of us barely get by as a result of all the acts.

The Stamp Act has our press in an uproar, they do not want all their papers watermarked. I find this act foolish. The press and lawyer are being largely affected, and they are speaking out and becoming enraged, already I heard of anti-movements being started against it. Now this new act, the Declaratory Act, has given Parliament the power to do whatever they wish! They now have the same power here as in England, they have also made all their acts legally binding, that does nothing except increase the taxes and decrease the opposition you may give them. Such as the Townshend Acts, Underground groups are forming here and in Britain.

Burning the Gaspee was a protest of our town against these acts. Now with the Massacre in Boston and the Rebellion against the Tea Act, have led to the Intolerable Acts that we gather here to discuss. Massachusetts cannot be held responsible for the actions of one group of activists.

Parliament and king George need to stop the acts and change the high taxes or there will be war. I wish to avoid war at all costs, yet I will fight for freedom.


The Procrastination Tag

Hey Guys! I’m doing another tag today!


Le Rules:

  • use the graphic in your post (:
  • mention the creator of the tag (maya)
  • use the tag #theprocrastinationtag so the creator can see your cool post!
  • mention the person that nominated you: Maya!
  • answer the questions below
  • tag as many people as you like 


Ooo! Me likeeee the above font!!

Let’s get into it!

How many times do you think you have procrastinated in your life?

Hmmm……………… At least once a day for sure! It’s easy to just say to myself: Ho Hum, I will do this a little later….. *shame waves* 😅

2. How do you combat procrastination?

I put my foot down. It’s the flesh that is weak. I just have to say: Nope! You are doing this now!!! Plus I think of the results if I don’t do it. It does not always work though. And don’t worry if It does not. You have to keep trying! (I speak from experience…)

“Watch and pray, that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Mark 14:38

3. What advice would you give to someone procrastinating?

Ok, So first off, the methods I use can’t always work for others. A lot of times I just wait till the last minuet and then pull an all-nighter or do a super quick job. It’s not the best way but if that works for you then do it! Don’t forget though. One thing that you should do: is leave things wherever you are going to spend your most time, about the thing you need to get done.

Explanation: I do my school, talk to my friends, and blog all on my computer. I also find crochet patterns and listen to music with it. So I leave a Microsoft word document open all the time with a list of things I need to get done written down. Then, when I open my pc, it always pops up or shows up and I look at it and remember. The same with my browser. I leave tabs open of the blog contests I need to enter, the articles I need to read, the emails I need to respond to etc…

If you do a lot of things with emails, it helps you to remember what emails to enter if, after you read them you mark them as “un-read” then, every time you log into your email they blare at you that you need to do something about it.

But maybe you don’t do much on your computer. Maybe you only have a few hours a day you are allowed to use it, or maybe it’s not a big hobby of yours. Ask yourself: What Is?

Do I read a lot? If so tape a to-do list on your current novel. Do you write in your diary or journal? Then make a bookmark of the things you need to do. Then when you open up to write it blares at you that you have unfinished work. Do you use a digital calendar? Then write all the things that need to be done, down on the calendar and have it text, email, or notify you of the days you have left, or the day it’s due, have it send you an urgent message. The same with a wall calendar. Write down the important things and then when you look at it they stand out.

Find the things you do a lot and leave reminders to yourself. Maybe stick a note to your bed so it’s the last thing you see at night, if you cook and bake a lot stick one to the fridge. Do you drive? Then put on in your car. Are you going to school? Put on on your backpack or in your school books or folders. Find what you do and bug the life out of yourself. It works, I promise😂 And you will feel great when you get the tasks done! You can do this!!

I nominate:

Sawyer @

Brooke @

Rebekah @

Selina @

Also, Don’t forget to send in your thoughts on what I look like to this post:

Face Reveal Prologue

It closes in 11 Days!

Until Next Time!


50 Follower Special!

Hey Guys!
Check out Tiffany’s blog! She is celebrating 50 Followers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give her a congrats!

Drawing All Day

Hey, Ya’ll! I opened WordPress today and saw something super amazing! I have 50 followers now!!! And a HUGE thank you to all of you guys for supporting me! And just being amazing! So for today I’m gonna be doing a poll where you guys tell me what I should do for a post! Also, do ya’ll like the banner I designed for this post? Let me know if I should make one for every post!

I will check back on this post in FIVE DAYS! To see what you all said! Please vote! You can find the poll in reader on my actual blog


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Fall! A Collab With Corrie!

Hey Guys!
Check out my Fall Collab with Tiffany over at DrawingAllDay!!

Drawing All Day

Hey everyone! Welcome back or welcome to my blog! Today I will be doing a collab with Corrie@ Miraculus Homeschool

We will be talking about our favorite things that come with the season of fall! So without further ado let’s get into it!

Corrie: My stuff is in italics and Tiffany’s are in bold!


My favorite things coming this fall is definitely the pumpkin coffee drinks at Starbucks and Biggby! AND WE DEFINITELY CAN’T FORGET *drumroll* HOCUS POCUS 2!!!! AHHHHH! Corrie are you excited for this movie to come out? Do you think they will ruin it or make it good?


Hi! Thanks for inviting me to do a collab!

My favorite things about Autumn(my favorite season) are Fires, Camping and the fact that it might finally get down below 60 here in FL.🤣 I love making bonfires. We actually have a fire pit in the backyard that…

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The Seven Years War



Lesson 15


Writing Assignment: Write a two-to-three-page paper on the following topic: Describe the history of the Seven Years’ War.

The Battle of Jumonville Glen

Before the Seven Years War some important things happened. In 1752 Benjamin discovered electricity and Britain changed their calendar from the Julian to the Gregorian. That caused the dating system to change and some issues arose. Nope, not dating like a couple. Dating such as when things happened before 1752. In September eleven days were skipped to make the calendar begin on September 14th instead of March 1st. The order of the months changed. The calendar was also 10 minutes and 48 seconds shorter.

The skirmish that started the French and Indian war and eventually led to the Seven Years way was the battle of Jumonville Glen. It is not largely known today. It was fought between Indians, British, and Canadians. Young George Washington was leading a band of men to Fort Necessity that was under construction in Pennsylvania to back up the builders there. They were sent to ward off Indian and French attacks. But the Canadians arrived first and drove the workers off. Leading the French was a young commander named Joseph Coulon de Jumonville. The Indian scouts that were with Washington told him the fort was taken and he organized an ambush. The battle took place on May 28th 1754, it only lasted fifteen minuets but had drastic results. The Canadian’s were mostly all killed along with Jumonville or take capture. The dead were left on the field or buried in shallow graves in Washington’s hurry to get to Fort Necessity. The English records say that Jumonville was assassinated by Tanacharison, Washinton’s Indian scout.

Washington reached the fort and guarded it from inside. The fort was attacked a few months later by Jumonville’s brother leading six-hundred men and Washington was forced to surrender. Washington was forced to sign surrender papers saying the British assassinated commander Jumonville that were in French, a language he did not read. Historians debate he might not have known what they said or their full extent. The battles had a catastrophic result since France and England were not at war before these events. It launched a war. The British sent another force to reclaim the fort and the French retaliated by sending one as well. The countries declared war in 1756. All for a fort named Necessity.

The French and Indian War

The British sent commander Braddock and a force of troops to Pennsylvania, there he joined with George Washington and his troops and they marched to take Fort Duquesne; pronounced (Do-Cain), on the Monongahela River.  The troops were slowed by the woods around the river and cause delay for the heavy artillery. Braddock opted not to wait for them to get through and took 1,300 men on ahead. That allowed them to cross the river before their adversaries attacked but, the French had reinforcements and were not giving up without a fight! The battle began almost as soon as the English arrived. Because the British lacked the skills for fighting in forests, they fired on themselves and there was much confusion. The Indians and French fought with a kind of guerrilla warfare. Three hours into the battle Braddock was shot in the lounges and died. Washington took control, formed a rear guard, and retreated but 876 still died or were badly wounded. After the battle the French were in control for the next three years, 1756-1758.

In 1756 Britain declared war on France and in doing so, both expanded the war zone and intensified fighting in North America. In 1759 a turn of events happened for England causing them to come out on top of the war, it is known for the froth and expanse of the empire. They called it The Year of Miracles or The Year of Wonders. In 1760 three forts were captured by the British that successfully ended the war in North America. Forts Quebec, Niagra, and Fort Ticonderoga.

Fighting in Europe

 In 1755 the natural disaster known as the Lisbon Earthquake occurred. Striking the capital of Portugal and causing such devastation, that some thought the world was ending.  At the time Portugal was becoming a strong nation and this weakened it drastically. Between 10,000 and 100,000 people were killed. It was been compared to the Holocaust as to its effects on Europe.

The Diplomatic Revolution of 1756 redrew the alliances in Europe. Austria left Britain to fight on the side of Prussia. Prussia then sided with France and Spain, Portugal joined England along with Hanover, and Sweden sided with France. France struck the first blow in the European Chapter by gathering a large force and driving Britain off of Minorca an island in the Mediterranean. Prussian Ruler, Frederick the 3rd saw this as a way to expand and gathered a large force to attack Saxony. Austria helped Saxony at first but could not defeat Prussia, and they made Saxony join their army. Britain Supported Prussia and the rest of the countries did not. Saxony never recovered from this attack. Britain controlled Hanover since the king was the Duke of Hanover, and the center of Europe was fought over for the next six years.

During the war King Frederick and Britain kept Prussia going. Half of its army was lost in the battle of Kunersdorf. Russia and Austria tried to defeat them but “The Miracles of the House of Brandenburg” saved them twice. The first time the attackers did not have enough supplies and the second time the Russian Emperess died so the new ruler did not continue the fighting, Russia left the war. The Treaty of St. Petersburg signaled the end of the war in 1762 and the Treaty of Paris was signed in 17863. Britain withdrew their forces from the fighting. Every country lost their stolen land and went back to where they started. All the bloodshed for basically nothing.

Fighting in the Colonies

Besides North America and Europe; The Caribbean, South America, India, The Philippines and West Africa were involved in the war as well. The British had territories in The Caribbean and most of Florida as well as Havanna Cuba. In South American the Spanish captured the forts of Colonia de Sacramento and Rio Grande de Sao Pedro. These cities in Uruguay and Brazil were important port cities for Portugal but they were returned after the war.

India was disputed over for many years by France and England. During the war the British Captured most of the French ports in India and conquered Bengal, (modern day Bengali) the French all. Britain had much better success in India than in the Philippines. They captured Manila in the Philippines but it was not that much of a success. Also captured was Sengal, the French colony in Africa. Which before, had been entirely under French leadership.

Annus Mirabilis: The Year of Miracles was in 1759. During and after this year the English expanded, destroyed the French navy and helped Hanover and Prussia gain an upper hand.

All the territories that had been captured during the war were given back after the end, due to Status Quo Ante Bellum. The Seven Years War ended with Britain mostly winning by keeping the most power. France was the decided looser. The rest of the countries involved were okay at the end but not very good. It was a terrible war full of bloodshed and with almost no end result due to captured land being returned. In short, this is why wars don’t do much good and why I don’t like them or support them unless there is no choice.


The A-Z book Tag

Hey guys! I am doing a tag that has been in my drafts for a long time.

Sidenote, if you have nominated me for a tag and I have not got to it yet, know that you are not forgotten! I have most of them in drafts as WIP’s so I don’t forget. But, if you want to drop a comment on my chat page or wherever asking me about one that you think I might have missed feel free! I would love the reminders. They make me feel guilty for procrastinating. (hint, hint, to upcoming procrastination tag)

Le Rules:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. I was nominated by the original creator! Thanks a bunches Inaya!
  2. Link back to the original creator Inaya B Done!!
  3. Only use the names of books you’ve read, are currently reading or have on your shelf- no researching for books. Oki! Challenge Accepted! *war face*
  4. Book titles that start with ‘the’ don’t exactly count. If you take ‘The girl who drank the moon’, for example, then you would put it under the letter g. The first letter of the next word, basically.
  5. You can only have one book per letter. If you don’t have any book, just put ‘none’.
  6. Nominate at least 5 people.
  7. Add the rules to your post.
  8. Write a book review on any one of the books (Extra challenge if you want to attempt it). Hahahahaha!!!! AS if I could refuse a challenge!!!😈😈
  9. Have fun! FOR SURE!


Anyway..😅a After reading the rules and my ever-so-interesting side comments we can begin. Get the safety goggles. There’s about to be a bookstorm.

A- An Acceptable Time

The last in the Wrinkle in times series. I have only read the first but I have the whole set.

B- The Bees

This is a really good book. I got it years ago but did not finish reading it till last summer. It is about the life of bees but a fictional story. I wrote a review on it that you can read HERE.

C- Cabin Fever

A book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

D- Death in the CLouds

A book in the Agatha Christie Poirot series.

E- Elephants Can Remember

The same as above.

F- From Me to You

A cute children’s book about three generations of women. A grandmother tells the story to her granddaughter.

G- Good Night Gorilla

It is night time at the zoo but oh no! The Gorilla is loose! What will happen?

H- Harriet The Spy

A famous book about a little girl who wants to be a spy and the danger of gossip and secrets.

I- Into the Woods.

A girl and her mom are the keepers of The Woods. A magical story realm.

J- Judges

The 7th book in the Bible. Detailing the judges of Israel.

K- Keeper of the Lost Cities

The first in a series of books.

L- Looser

A book about a boy growing up told in an interesting way.

M- Mama Makes Up Her Mind

A collection of stories of southern living and family.

N- National Velvet.

A book about a girl and a horse. I have not read this yet but it’s on my shelf.

O- Oogy

A story about a deformed dog and the family that loves him.

P- Protector of the Small

It has finally been declared that girls can train to become knights but only one girl stands up to the challenge. Follower her story through knighthood. I love this book! It is really neat!

Q- Questions for the Soul

A book of spiritual questions.

R- Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon

I read and re-read this books tons of times as a child. It is about a fairy of pixie hollow.

S- Shoebag

A book about a roach who turns into a boy.

T- The Tarantula in my Purse

A book of animal stories.

U- The Ultimate Guide to Warrior Cats

A book that tells you about the most popular cats and backstories on the clans.

V- The Voice from the Mendelsohn’s Maple

A book about a girl who finds an old lady stuck in a tree. How did she get there and why?

W- Wakapoo and the Flying Arrows

A children’s book about an Indian boy.

X- None that I can think of

I’m deeply ashamed.

*EDIT: I just remembered: X, Y, & Z, Sesame Street treasury. Featuring the letters X, Y, Z and the number 15!

Y- You’re Too Kind

A book on the history of flattery.

Z- Zachariah

A prophetic book in the Bible.

I nominate:

Oliver @

Pearl @

Reagan @

Becca @


Heidi @

I hope everyone found some new books to read. Also, feel free to give this tag a try if you really want to.


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