World Environment Day Art and Writing Contest 🌿

I am entering!

The Randomness of Rayna

Everyone has an artist within
them. But some people prefer
different things. If you love
drawing, painting, or writing, this
is perfect for you!

Hey people, elves, demigods, wizards, witches, and all! Hope you’re doin’ well 🌻
Today, I’m just going to be explaining the rules to my ongoing art and writing contest! This was first published in my blog magazine, but I’m also posting it now so that those who didn’t read it (or are yet to, or just missed this part) don’t miss out 😅
*cough* sorry about the lack of humor *cough*


  1. You can submit it anytime to the email ID:, as long as it’s before 11:30 PM (IST time) on June 30th. That’s your deadline, and I will not be counting any entries sent after that.
  2. You can submit a picture of any artwork that you’ve done (a sketch, a painting, etc.), or…

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doodle lyrics // fight song ~ rachel platten

Such a cool song!

maggie’s doodles

Hey howdy hey! This is the second post in my doodle lyrics series, so I hope you really love it! 😍

Oh and to the people who requested me doodling a song by Olivia Rodrigo (Evin), One Direction (Evin & Sep & PBS), and Sabrina Carpenter (Diamond) – I’m workin’ on ’em guys! Thanks for the suggestions 😂🙌

Today I doodled Fight Song because I LOVE the opening lyrics!! And the song’s just powerfully incredible overall 👏👏 if you’ve never listened to it please do! I hope you enjoy seeing the little doodles I made for it 😊

real quick: I posted on The Jolly Space today! (click here) Definitely check out that blog if you love inspirational blogs 💛

Below you’ll find the song so you can listen to it while you check out the doodles!: (if you’re on mobile

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13 Tips for Stress & Anxiety Relief

I love this!

Daughter of the Light

Today I’m going to be sharing some tips on stress and anxiety relief. This is a good time for me to write this, because I’ve been stressed lately, and have had lots of time to put these things into practice. 😛 These are things that I have found helpful for me. Everyone is different and they may not help you like they have me.


Running is the number one thing that I have found helpful when I’m stressed or anxious. Most of the time, I’m bouncing around with tons of nervous energy and I get so snappy if anyone touches me, if there are loud sounds or bright lights.

I have my treadmill set up in the garage, where it is fairly dark. It really helps me to be able to get away, by myself, and to just run. I put on my music and I run hard and…

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MY FIRST COLAB!!!!!!!!😀😁

I guess you know what this post is.

YES! Maggie and her blog:

Asked me to do a colab with them! (OK Maggie not the blog asked me.)

The colab theme is:





Summer drawings and doodles!

Here is her post with her doodles:

I hope you check out that post before you read any further! 😋






Did you read it? Aren’t her doodles adorable?????!?!!

I am not the best artist in the universe. They are probably terrible. Deal with me please.

Here are my sketches/drawings:

I am really sorry about not posting sooner Maggie! please forgive me. My phone was not working soooo…………no pictures.

But I fixed it!

Sorry about the quality!

Did you like them???

The heart thing at the end is: My signature/autograph!

Which one was your favorite??

Here is a poll please take it everyone! Whichever sketch gets the most votes will be my new profile pic!!!!!

I had fun drawing them.


I hope you follow her if you have not already done that!


The Power Of Silence – 10 Reasons Silent People Are Successful


A little disclaimer: This was all made by PsychFacts. The blog entry is inspired by this channel.On this channel you will get fun and interesting psychology, mental health, emotional intelligence, depression, anxiety information. If you want to watch the full video of it, the link with the video is at the end. Let’s get started…

Have you ever wondered why silent people are successful? One of the psychology theories that divides humans into two types of personality is based on how they get their energy. One who gets their energy from being on the outside and socializing is called an extrovert. While one who gets their energy from alone time is called an introvert. How does extraversion and introversion correlate with success? Some of the qualities of a successful person are often associated with an extroverted person. Especially in a field which requires more public speaking and networking, however some…

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A Warning

I have the same feelings.

My Golden Shire

Hey guys!

I have been putting off this post for awhile, and I really, really don’t want to have to do this, but its only right that I give ya’ll a warning about a newer blogger here on WordPress.

She has gone by quite a few names and made and deleted at least seven or eight blogs. Some of you may know her as Ava, Hannah, or Julie. BUT SHE IS THE SAME PERSON. Her blogs have been titled ‘Flowers everywhere’, ‘The top best blog of 2021’, ‘I love drawing’, ‘Lifeisfullofnatureandinteretingthings’ and now her current blog is ‘Glitter and Sparkle, Sugar and spice and everything nice.’

She began by making a blog and posting art from the internet which she claimed as her own…some of you may remember. Then deleted her blog after getting caught, made a new account, changed her name, and then started commenting on my blog…

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Hey guys! Here is a “homemade story generator” for all you story tellers out there…

Ron Paul Curriculum Essays

Do you want your character to learn something throughout your book? What is it?

What is your characters fatal flaw?

Fantasy or not?

Main characters name?

Side characters?

Love interests? (ew)

Age group of your character?

Setting? (Time Period, Season, etc..)

Main Goal?

Thanks! Share with me what you came up with in the comments! Bye!

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Lesson 20 week 5


Lucky Phillip

Writing Assignment:Write a one to two page paper on the following topic.

Write on one of the pharaohs, kingdoms, or some other important facts that you learned from this study of Egypt.

The Egyptians are among the most fascinating dynasties that ever existed. Egypt was split by Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, but upper was south and lower was North. They were ruled by a Pharoah who was thought by all Egyptian citizens to be a god-like person. When one ruled it was called a dynasty, and for the end of every dynasty that means a Pharoah has passed and a giant pyramid is constructed for his burial. They mummified him with many precious oils, food and perfumes that are buried with him to take to the afterlife, (which was where they believed the Pharoah would go when death.) The first Pharoah was named either Menes or Narmer, (no…

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