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So, I just saw this awesome movie and I needed to share it with you before the next dare came out!

Hey Guys! Like I said, I just saw this awesome movie called The Hunger Games. It was about these warring tribes of people. So, there are not that many deer in this world, and that’s a problem because that is their main food source. The main plot is this girl has to hunt down someContinue reading “So, I just saw this awesome movie and I needed to share it with you before the next dare came out!”

WDYTB Update

Hey Guys! I know everyone has been enjoying these dares and coming up with posts, and it’s been an honor, for me, to be able to co-host them with Maggie. But, I have been getting really busy with school and I have also been getting ready for a trip I’m taking the first of nextContinue reading “WDYTB Update”

Double Reminder 📢📣

Hey guys! I wanted to jump on here real quick and let you know the status of the two events currently going on. First up: Artistry Tournament #1: If you go to that post you will find the deadline and links to the info posts and a few other things! The deadline closes on theContinue reading “Double Reminder 📢📣”

Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament

Hey Guys! I have had a lot of questions about when the Art Contests were going to be starting back up from those on the blog, and those off. I had been procrastinating on doing them since they are a lot of work and I have also not had much time to sit down andContinue reading “Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament”

Scary Characters

Hey Lucky Elise! And Friends! Happy Reformation Day! What is Reformation day? This post explains it better than I can: & this one: Anyway, Here are our drawings: Tiny Shroom: Her title is Mother of the Forest. She protects the forest, helping the trees grow strong, prepares the plants and animals for winter,Continue reading “Scary Characters”


Hey Lucky Elise and friends! Here are our drawings. Sorry they took so long. TinyShroom: She is not a mean or scary witch. She helps animals. The smoking cauldron in front of her is filled with stew for hungry animals. Spicy Pepper: She likes the fall weather because she is most powerful then. The owlContinue reading “Witches”

Open Contest 10: Voting!

Hey Guys! I am ashamed to say that I never go around to posting on this. I did not get a lot of entries then summer hit and bam! Life went all: “hahaha, thought you had time for blogging? HAHAHHAHAHA” Anyway, I want to show everyone the entries I did get and give those contestersContinue reading “Open Contest 10: Voting!”

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