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WDYTB Update

Hey Guys! I know everyone has been enjoying these dares and coming up with posts, and it’s been an honor, for me, to be able to co-host them with Maggie. But, I have been getting really busy with school and I have also been getting ready for a trip I’m taking the first of nextContinue reading “WDYTB Update”

Artistry Tournament: Voting!

Hey Guys! I have been swamped with stuff, but I finally cleared away a tiny bit of space in my timeframe to post the voting for you. What have I been busy with you ask? But, let’s move forward into the voting! I want to thank everyone who entered and everyone who has followed thisContinue reading “Artistry Tournament: Voting!”

Double Reminder 📢📣

Hey guys! I wanted to jump on here real quick and let you know the status of the two events currently going on. First up: Artistry Tournament #1: If you go to that post you will find the deadline and links to the info posts and a few other things! The deadline closes on theContinue reading “Double Reminder 📢📣”


Hey Guys! Its finally the day! Signups are open! They will be open till the 2nd, since we post the first dare then. But, before we can get to the signups, here are a few guidelines and rules. But nothing serious. We are a fun competiton 😁 WDYTB Rules + Information • We Dare YouContinue reading “WDYTB SIGNUPS”

Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament

Hey Guys! I have had a lot of questions about when the Art Contests were going to be starting back up from those on the blog, and those off. I had been procrastinating on doing them since they are a lot of work and I have also not had much time to sit down andContinue reading “Sawrrie Spring Artistry Tournament”

Hey Guys! I’m back! Sorry for the SUPER long hiatus, but I’m back for an announcement and: Interviewing Tinyshroom

Soooo, That was probably the longest ever title I have written on this blog so far. For those of you reading this, thanks for stinking around with me and I will be trying to post twice a week if I can. Since I need to post essays more those will be one of the posts.Continue reading “Hey Guys! I’m back! Sorry for the SUPER long hiatus, but I’m back for an announcement and: Interviewing Tinyshroom”

Bake Off Christmas Collab with Diamond

Hey guys! Tonight I’m sharing a Christmas baking collab I did with Diamond! To start off with, we decided about a month ago that we would collab, then we emailed back and forth for a while and decided on baking for our collab. We decided on gingerbread cookies and a Christmas themed charcuterie board. IContinue reading “Bake Off Christmas Collab with Diamond”

Face Reveal!

Hey guys! As you saw in my post last night I got tied up and could not post this post in time. Sorry again and thanks for waiting on me (partly because you had no choice), mostly because you are awesome! Anwayyyyyy……. That’s me in the featured image and from yesterday’s post you know IContinue reading “Face Reveal!”

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