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Books Books and More Books!

Hey there!

I love books! I have am always looking for new material to read. I will be posting bookish things here. Such as: Recomendations, Reviews, And posts about Movie versions of books.

Book posts!

My first one!

About Me

My favorite books are ones with adventure mystery and fantasy! I don’t like kissing or romance in books but I will stand it if there is not a lot or if the book is very good and I can overlook it.

Tell me if you like my reviews, posts, ect……

61 thoughts on “Books Books and More Books!

      1. A girl named Jane. Hehe.😝 On the back of the book it says, “For as long as she could remember, Jane stuart and her mother lived with her grandmother in a dreary mansion in Toronto. Jane always believed her father was dead- until she accidentally learned he was alive and well and living on Prince Edward Island. When Jane spends the summer at his cottage on lantern hill, doing all the the wonderful things grandmother deems unladylike, she dares to dream there could be such a house back in Toronto…a house where she, mother, and father could live together without grandmother directing their lives-a house that could be called home.” It is written by L.M. Montgomery. I just finished it this morning, it’s definitely one of my favourites.❤


      1. Or did you mean this one:”″?


      1. It is a great mystery series about three kids about 12 years old who solve mysteries adults can’t. I highly recommend them . They are my favorite mystery series. I have read all of them I bet you would like them.


  1. Here are some really good books I would recommend reading(Though you would like these ’cause I loved them I and read warriors and so do you:):
    Endling(It’s three great books!)
    Cottons(It’s a comic about rabbits that has been suggested for readers of Warriors)
    And theirs a ton of other books that are mainly about animals!


      1. you said you like Egypt if you want to watch I funny video about it then go to youtube and put in horrible history Egypt I think you would really like it and you get to learn so it is Evan better


  2. Have you ever read any books by Patricia St. John? I would definitely recommend her books if you haven’t!


      1. Your Welcome! I Especially Love Star of Light and Rainbow garden. Oh! And a Tangle wood secret, Treasures of the Snow, and… All the other ones I’ve read!!! Hehe.. She also wrote one called “Twice freed” and that one is about the slave mentioned in the book of Philemon, Onesimus. I just finished “The Secret at Pheasants cottage”. Sorry for the rambling comment, I really like her books!


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