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The Atmosphere

Lesson 135

Weather Week 1 Review




Assignment: Write a 150 word article on the earth’s atmosphere. How it’s structured and its composition. Review your notes and the assigned articles

The Atmosphere.

Atmosphere is the barrier that protects us from space. It is made up of Gases. The gases protect earth from Solor Radiation. It creates the “Greenhouse Effect” which warms the earth. Plants, Animals, and Humans depend upon it. The most Common Gases in the Atmosphere are: Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 20%, and Argon. The layers are bright colors yet the sky appears blue because of Rayleigh Scattering. Let’s look at the different layers:

Troposphere: This is the lowest layer; it contains most of the atmosphere mass and most of the water vapor. It has stable temperatures.

Stratosphere: Jet powered airplanes have the ability to fly here. It also houses the ozone layer. Clouds can be found in it but the weather is mostly stable.

Mesosphere: It is too high for jet powered aircraft but too low for space stations. In it are TLE’s.

Thermosphere: The ISS orbits here. Temperatures can rise to 21,700 Degrees Fahrenheit. In it is the Ionosphere, the inner layer if the Magnetosphere, allowing radio waves to travel around earth.

Exosphere: The final layer. The majority of satellites orbit here. It is this layer that slowly fades into space.

I did not write 150. I went a sight bit over with 191 words.


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8 thoughts on “The Atmosphere

  1. Wow, this is awesome, Corrie!!! I enjoy learning about the atmosphere, so this was great!! Also, I found it interesting that the Exosphere is slowly fading into space. I didn’t know that.


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