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Week 7 Review


Lesson: 35




Writing Assignment: Write a two-to-three-page paper on the following topic: Choose two or three of the cultural updates discussed this week and summarize them.

The first topic we studied this week was the life and Presidential terms of George Washington. However, I am not going to talk much about him. I will briefly discuss some events he was involved in.

He became the President of the Continental Convention when he was young. He presided over meetings, kept the peace, made decisions and was a moderation. He was also elected to be the commander of the Continental Army. He was a good but firm leader; he kept peace within the troops and he had courage. He was also very intelligent. While he was president, a tax was made on alcohol products. Because whiskey was the most common, it was known as the whiskey tax. The Whiskey Rebellion happened when the citizens did not want to pay the tax. George Washington handled it quickly and without casualty or conflict. The few men who were arrested, were eventually pardoned. George Washington kept very good international relations.

The next lesson was on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. At the beginning of the lesson a few points of the French Revolution were covered, such as the storming of the Bastille and a few facts about the beginning of the revolution.

Mozart learned how to play the clavier when he was only three years old. He learned by watching his father teach his sister and mimicking them. His father recognized his talent and started talking Mozart and his sister around Europe on tours. They became famous. He composed many musical pieces and arias. He died at the age of 35 1791. Which, though seemingly young to us, was old for his day. He died before finishing his last composition. His wife had a man finish it after his death, but we will never know how Mozart wanted it to be played.

Lesson thirty-three discussed slavery and certain treaties. It also taught on the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

The treaties discussed were Pickney’s Treaty, Peaceful relations between Spain and America came about. The U.S. also received the Mississippi territory. And the Jay Treaty, in which peace between France and America was lost, and ten years of trade between Britain and the U. S. was gained.

The last lesson covered John Adams, the second presidents’ election and some of the events he was involved in.

John Adams was a Federalist. He won the second election over Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson became his vice president since Jefferson had received the closest number of votes to his. During his presidency he established John Marshall as the Chief Justice and created the Library of Congress. Today, the Library has nearly 160 million catalogued items. It is one of the largest libraries in the world, second only to the British Library. Our current librarian of Congress is Carla Hayden.

One of Adams first moves was to send three diplomats: John Marshall, Charles Pickney, and Elridge Gerry to France to negotiate peace with the French. They met with a man named Charles Talleyrand. He did not want to negotiate peace without bribes. The men refused and eventually after a year he sent Pickney and Marshall back to America. He only wanted to negotiate with Gerry. While these meetings were going on, President Adams started rebuilding the U.S. Navy. Pickney and Marshall told Adams what had happened and he tried to keep it under wraps, but eventually the facts got out. In result, France and America started the Quasi-War. They never openly declared war, but they engaged in military battles.

Because Adams had rebuilt the Navy, they were able to fight the naval battles with France, and eventually in 1800, a peace treaty was reached. It was called The Convention of 1800.

The name given to the above events is the XYZ affair. It was called that because Adams used the letters X, Y, and Z instead of the names of French officers.



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