The History of History

Have you ever wondered why we have certain things? Or why we do certain things? It’s because of people throughout History.

Why study History? you might ask. Studying history is Fun, Interesting, and It helps answer lots of questions. The history of your country, it’s laws, and it’s people is an interesting one. Do you wonder how Toilet Paper was invented? Cars? Or even Stoplights? You won’t know until you study history.

Everything has a history. You have one, your parents, your friends, and even your objects! The Bible is a book of history. The history of prophets, people and Jesus! The first people were Adam and Eve the mother and father of the human race.

I like to study history because of three things.

1: It is interesting.

2: It helps me understand things better.

3: I enjoy it. It is fun and healthy to learn.

On this site I will be posting my history essays. If you are feeling down about history look at the positive side of the subject. There are so many things to learn!


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