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Choose one of the cultures that are described in Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days. Summarize his description of this culture, and feel free to include any additional information that you may know about the culture you choose.

Hong Kong has a lot of interesting facts about it. It’s currency is the 8th most used in the world! And, it has the second most billionaires of any city in the world! It’s original name was He-Ong-Kong. It means fragrant harbor or incense harbor. In 1810 it was referred to as Hongkong, and then it was changed to the 2 name Hong Kong officially in 1926.

The diet in Hong Kong consists of Fruit, rice, fish, veggies, roast goose, pork, chicken, and noodles.

In the book Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Vern describes Hong Kong in a little detail. It came into English possession by the treaty of Nankin after the war of 1842. He said its harbor was filled with boats of all kinds, including boats from other countries.  He said that when you turn 80 in Hong Kong you are allowed to wear yellow, the imperial color. Passpartout thought that this was a very funny tradition.

I picked Hong Kong this week because I thought it has an interesting story. I did some research but not much.  I hope you liked my essay.


Around the World in 40-50 Days

—–If you were to make a trip around the world, which route would you choose to take? Think about how would it differ from Phileas Fogg’s route? And without worrying about too many of the details, how quickly do you think you could make it around the world today? Please choose several different types of travel for the trip, and remember that even if you fly, you will need to keep track of the airport cities you stop in.

I think that, using today’s resources and travel improvements, I could make it around the world in 40 or 50 days. I would use Airplanes, Boats, and maybe Trains and Cars. I would have to take into consideration, setbacks. Such as, delayed and late flights. Boat problems, and the fact that it would cost a great deal of money.  I might get a flat tire, get sick, or even die trying.

I could die if the plane crashed. If my boat sank, if I crashed my car or if something else happened. I have never flown on a plane except for when I was a year old. I don’t remember it at all.

My route would be different because I would be starting in Florida and traveling the opposite way that Mr. Fogg did.  I would start in Florida and then go to San Francisco. From there I would go to Yokahama, then Hong Kong, then Calcutta. From Calcutta I would go to Bombay and then Suez. From Suez to London and back to Florida.


Lesson: 90 Review lesson. 3/29/2021

  • Note: the above picture is not of one of my goats.

Assignment: Write an essay on one of the following two options

– Write a fictional story about what you would do if you were given the tools you need to start a particular business.

– Write a fictional ad for a product you are trying to sell. Explain how it will enrich/benefit the person who will buy it.

Dolphin Farms

Quality first, Then products.

My Business!

If I had the tools I needed to start a business I would have a creamery. I would need to build a barn, buy more goats and get a license to sell products. Among other things.

My barn wound need to have a feed/tack room, a milking room, and a room with a freezer, fridge, and tools I would need to make dairy products.

On one side I would have the above rooms and a sick stall (more about that later). On the other side I would have 4 stalls for the goats and my horses to use. Two for the horses and two for pregnant goats and for goats to wait to be milked in. A sick stall is a stall for sick goats to be quarantined in.

Then once my barn was built I would need to buy three different herds of goats.

One herd would be pure Nubian goats:

Nubian goats. You can tell by their long ears.

One herd would be La Mancha Goats:

culture: the word on cheese
La Mancha goats. You can tell by their tiny ears.

And one herd would be Boer goats:

Boer Goats Full Blood with babies, View Goats with babies, FARMAG Product  Details from SPINEL CO., LTD. on Alibaba.com
Boer goats, they are meat goats.

I would have meat goats because then I would know where my meat was coming from and I would know what my goats were eating. I would not kill them myself I would have someone else do it. I also would not name the ones I was going to eat. I know some people would think it is cruel and nasty but that is why God gave them to us. I don’t like the idea of eating one but at least I would know how healthy the meat was.

After that I would need to get everything ready to be inspected. Then people would come and inspect my farm and then I would have a license to sell dairy products.

An Add

An Example

Down below is my add:

Hi! Have you ever tried drinking goat milk? It is healthy, tasty, and you can do sooooo much with it!

Maybe you have heard about goat milk being nasty and tasting funny? Well I am here to tell you that it is not!

Goat milk is very, very, very good for you! And it has dozens of uses. Like cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and sour cream! It has delish cream and it is awesome on cereal! It can be used just plain, or in smoothies! It will strengthen your stomach and keeps you healthy! It has a unique flavor that might taste strange but that taste is just all the minerals and vitamins in it!

Ice cream is great right? Well it is even better when made with goat milk. The only milk I drink is goat milk and I think it’s grand!

So go on! Try goat milk, and make your taste buds happy!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know of errors.

Bye for now!

The Cat of Bubastes!

School Assignment.



English, Grade 6:

Assignment: Write an essay on one of the following two options~

– Write an ad for a service you are trying to sell. Explain how it will enrich/benefit the person who will buy it.

– Describe your favorite character in your reading assignment for the literature lessons.

I am going with the second choice because I did the first one already: https://miraculushomeschool.wordpress.com/2021/03/29/lesson-90-review-lesson-3-29-2021/

I could use any character from any reading assignment. I chose Jethro.

Jethro was one of the main characters in the book. He was Amuba’s charioteer in Rebu. But then, when he was captured by the Egyptians he became a slave. He looked after Amuba when they were is Egypt and he got them safely home.

I liked this character because he was a good role model and a good friend. He even cared for the family that he was a slave for. He looked after his young mistress who he was in charge of accompanying and he helped the family in their time of need.

He was very tall and very powerful. He was a good fighter and could master the use of weapons easily. He is very loyal to Amuba all throughout the book and I liked this character a lot.

He took pain easily and did not complain.

I hope you liked my essay.

Please let me know of any errors or mistakes so I can correct them.


The Bees.

English: Lesson 100.

Grade 6

Assignment: Write a book report.


The Bees

by Laline Paull

The Bees by Laline Paull is a fictional story about bee life. It is centered around a large colony of bees living in an old man’s wooden beehive. The main character is a sanitation worker bee named Flora 717. There are many different sections to the hive and many different bees. The story tells of her life in the hive and the bees that she meets during her time there. The story there is a motto for the hive: “Accept, Obey, Serve”.

The story begins with the hatching of Flora 717. She is an exceptionally large bee and has the power of speech, a trait not normally in her kin. The lowest forms of bees are the Floras. They are sanitation workers and do not speak, hold any sort of position of importance, and anyone may order them around. She witnesses an event where another sister ran from inspection. That sister hid in Flora 717’s recently hatched cell. The police of the hive called officers then inspected the young newly hatched bee and it is discovered that she has a deformed wing. They kill her despite her pleas. Flora watches all this and suddenly is grabbed by the officers. They inspect her until a priestess, a sister Sage appears on the scene. The officers report that Flora 717 is too big and very ugly. The priestess is surprised to find that Flora (as she is referred to in the book) can talk since none of her kin can and she inspects Flora’s mouth.  She then feeds Flora a drop of honey and beckons her to follow using bee senses.

Flora follows Sister Sage into the care of young bees’ part of the hive. They enter the larva chamber and it is discovered that Flora can produce royal jelly, the substance which is used to feed the young bees. It is very surprising that she can, since only the sister Teasel’s have been able to produce royal jelly in the past. She is told by Sister Sage to stay and work in the larva chamber under the care of the sister Teasel in charge. While in the chamber she learns all about taking care of young bees. She is never allowed into the nursery chamber which is where the nurses take care of the baby bees before they are put into the cells to hatch. She wants to be in that part of the hive most of all because the nurses look so happy playing with the babies. One day she finds out that a nurse has been laying her own eggs and putting them with the Queen’s eggs. That is a crime punishable by death and the officers arrive and kill the nurse.

Flora stops producing royal jelly and leaves the nursery. She becomes a sanitation worker once more and has her first run in with the Drones. The Drones are the only males in the hive. They are rude, inappropriate, mean, obnoxious, and loud. They are served by everyone and boss everyone around. They make fun of Flora and they think they are the most important thing in the world. There is one Drone whom is the worst to her. His name is Sir Linden and he is much smaller than all the other Drones. He is made fun of for being small and makes up for it by being ruder and meaner.

Flora goes outside for the first time when moving carcasses of dead bees out of the hive. While she is outside, the sentry bees notice a large wasp approaching to attack the hive. Everyone runs inside while the wasp kills as many bees as she can catch. The hive manages to defeat the wasp and she is killed.

Because Flora helped kill the wasp she is told that she may meet with the Holy Mother which is what the bees call the queen. Flora meets the Queen and has many happy days with her. Then one day she is told that she may never see the Queen again and she goes back to being a sanitation worker. One day she meets Lilly 500 an old forager bee, while she is doing a dance to tell her sister bees where to find good flowers. Flora talks to her and tells her that she understood where to look from Lily 500’s dance steps. Lilly 500 tells Flora to come and forage with her for the hive. Flora says no, a simple sanitation worker is never allowed to fly or forage but Lily 500 insists. So flora becomes a forager. Some of the foragers die because of crop dusting and Flora is needed more than ever because she is so large.

Many more things happen in the book but I do not want to give them away. I summarized about one third of the book but many more interesting things happen during that time. I would not recommend this book to audiences under the age of 12. The book has many chapters, it is hard to read and would be boring to someone under that age.  I do not think this book was boring at all. It was very entertaining and fun to read. The author added as many facts about bee life as possible while also telling a fictional story. I think that the book was well written and it keeps you in your seat wanting to know what happens next. I hope that you want to read this book if you liked my report on it.

Please tell me of mistakes and errors.


Myths, gods, and life.


Lesson 115



Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on the following topic:

Topic: How did the Greek worldview influence their myths and the stories they told?

The Greeks believed in an assortment of many gods. They believed there was a god for everything. There was a god of the sky, earth, music, hunters, war, peace, women, and many others. They also believed that the Gods all worked together to help and punish the people. When natural disasters happened, they made it seem like the gods were the reasons.

To explain certain things they made up myths that told about how they came about.  For example there is the myth of how the world was formed. It says that the world was in a state of nothing and suddenly the mother earth Gaia became real out of light. The titans were born out of her and Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades were the sons of titans. They fought against their parents and the other titans and killed their father and trapped the other titans. Zeus became the god of the sky and of the earth. Poseidon became the god of the sea and Hades the god of the underworld Tartarus.

Their myths were strongly based on the gods and the monsters and giants. In one story the protagonist Jason has to go on a trip to capture the Fabled Golden Fleece. He is at first in a quandary as to what to do but with some help from the Talking Oak he is soon ready to begin. He needs some help and the tree tells him to recruit fifty young heroes. Many men and women come at his call, and soon the quota is filled. They go on to defeat many bizarre creatures and monsters. They are successful in taking the Golden Fleece and thus fulfilling their quest.

I think that because of their worldview about all the different gods it changed the way they tell myths and stories.

Please tell me of errors or mistakes.





Lesson: 120

Assignment: Write a one to two page paper describing your favorite character in one of the previous reading assignments from this class.




The Pygmies is the name of a chapter in the book Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorn.  The story is about a group of very small people only a few inches tall, living in a plain next to a Giant named Antæus. It is found on pages 29-43 in the book Tanglewood Tales.

My favorite character was Antæus. He is described as having one giant eye the size of a cart-wheel. He was so tall that he used a huge tree as a walking stick. He had a large beard and was taller than the clouds. 

The reason I liked Antæus so much is because he was very kind and good-natured. He would help keep the Pygmies safe and do all sorts of nice things for them. He would use his shadow to keep them cool in the summer and he sometimes lie down and let the little children climb all over him. He did not try to rule them even though he was so big he could have made them serve him. He let them make their own decisions and choices. When they had battles with birds-of-prey he would come and help them shoo the cranes away. They were very annoying little people at times and I loved that Antæus did not get mad at them and kept his self-control. They sometimes would take credit for his deeds but he would still love them all the same. I really liked his compassion.

He was killed by Heracles when he was in the process of doing his 12 famous labors. The Pygmies are really to blame. They told him that Heracles was coming to challenge him and kept persisting so much that finally he had a fight with Heracles.

Now, there is something that I did not tell you about Antæus. Every time he touched the ground (because he was the son of mother earth) he grew stronger and stronger. Heracles was having a hard time fighting him until he discovered that trait. All Heracles had to do was pick him up off the ground and then Antæus became so weak that Heracles was able to kill him.

That was a sad part of the story. I really liked him and then suddenly he was gone. The Pygmies made Heracles apologized though so that made me feel a little better.

Disclaimer: This story is a re-told Greek Myth. So none of it is true. I would recommend that you read Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorn. 


Strange Item


English, Lesson: 130.


Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on the topic described in the video. Make sure that you give a good description of the “strange item” you have found, as well as describing what tool you will make and why this would be useful to your survival.

School Book: Swiss Family Robinson.

I was walking along the beach one morning. The air was crisp and cold. The winter was coming and the scenery was changing drastically. The waves were wilder than usual and I was glad my sisters were not with me. They loved to run along the shore and I could just picture them swept away by a massive wave. I noticed a break by the surf. The water seemed to be rushing overtop of a large shape.

I rushed over to it and saw a sort of box sticking up. I tried at first to pull it up out of the sand using my bare hands and bodily strength. I was not strong enough so I went to fetch my father and sisters to help. First marking in the sand with rocks and branches where the strange thing was. Making sure it was far enough above the waves that they would not carry the marker away.

My sisters were fighting when I returned to our makeshift home. My youngest sister had taken a leaf of unusual color and shape away from my second youngest. I called out that I had found something and they both ran to see what it was. My father emerged from the small outcropping under which we kept house. He asked what I had found and my sisters asked where it was. I told them that it was on the beach and to hurry quickly and come help pull it out of the waves. My father picked up some nearby rope and quickly followed.

When we arrived at the beach I quickly found my marker and we hurried down the bank to see if we could still find it. My sisters were told to stay back as the waves were wild and we were afraid of undertow. My father saw it first and called out to me to come and help. We tried pulling it out together but it weighed too much. So we tied the rope around it and went back up to my sisters and used leverage. All of us together managed to move it up the beach and far enough away from the waves for us to see its entire length and shape.

It seemed to be a cabinet of some sorts and was full of sand. That was the reason we could not pull it up easily. It was 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It seemed about 2 feet deep and one of the doors was broken off of it. It was blue in color and quite well made. It had a shelf at one end that was about 1 foot tall. It was sturdy and looked as though it had come from the captain’s quarters of our ship.

We emptied out the sand and dragged it back to our living space. It was too tall to fit under where we slept so we decided to place it near the entry of our home for the time being. We then went to sleep after a short meal and prayer.

When we awoke the next morning we fed the animals we had obtained and set about finding a use for the cabinet. We had yet to build walls for the shelter we lived under and we decided that the lone cabinet door would work nicely as a door for us.

We went into the forest and chopped down some small trees, about 100 in all. Then we placed them around the outcropping making a wall of sorts leaving enough space for the door to fit. We tied them together with rope and smeared tree sap on them to make them water proof. We then cut holes for windows leaving the parts left over to form windows with. We attached the door with some nails and the hinges that came with it to one of the trees.

The cabinet we decided would work well as a bed for my sisters since it was too short for me or my father to use. So, we drug it into our home and set it against the wall of stone. We then took the bedding that they were using and made the cabinet up with their heads at one end and the part of the cabinet with a shelf as storage for our things. It served us quite well.

Tell me of errors or mistakes.


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