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The Fox Garden @DrawingAllDay

Hey Guys! Today I’m sharing you my story I am entering in DrawingAllDay’s story contest. You can read about that here:

I am using a prompt idea from this post that Brooke F. came up with:

★Fairy Foxes

Imagine a world where Fairy Foxes exist- little flying creatures that are always out to cause trouble. What do you think this world would look like?

Above is an image that Maggie from Maggie’sDoodles took. I did take inspiration from it Maggie!

The Story:

You won’t find it if you look. Yet it’s not hidden. For those who wish to use it for evil are led astray. And those who wish to see it never look. It’s in the flower by the highway, the mountain stream, its in the baby’s laugh, and father’s smile. Most importantly it’s in the garden. The Foxes’ Garden.

It’s a big city. The smell of concrete is everywhere. Hurry, hurry, hurry, everyone is speeding to their next appointment. The cars wiz by, and everything is loud. Everything is constantly changing. But not on the railing. There is a simple railing in the heart of the city. Gray stone steps, meatal bars. A bush grows on each side. Its leaves draping through and over the rails. Big bright leaves that catch the sun as it moves in the sky. It is very still. Even the wind does nothing to the leaves. They droop firmly. Everything about the plants are firm in a nonthreatening way.

Inside the bushes live the fairy foxes. They may look cute, but they are fiercely protective of their garden. Inside the bushes are tiny little gardens. Fairy flowers that twinkle in the light of the stars. The only time the leaves move are at dawn and dusk. The beginning and end of the day has the most precious light, the flowers thrive on the sun’s first and last rays. during the evening the light of the stars twinkle down through the still leaves and ignite the flowers with starlight. The foxes fly around, sing, and dance among the magical plants. The plants are the reason the fairy foxes exist. The plants capture the magic of smiles. That fuzzy feeling you get when a stranger smiles your way, even if your day has been terrible, the fact that someone will still smile at you can fill you with joy. The happiness of smiles, the ups, the downs. The flowers hold them in and produce the nectar of happiness. The foxes drink that sweet nectar and cause mischief.

Not the bad kind. The kind that makes you smile. Forgetting your glasses are on your head, walking into a room and forgetting the reason you are there. Little annoyances. Sometimes they fly around looking for dessert. There is nothing the fairy foxes like more than tasty treats.

From time to time the foxes have faced threats. Such as the development of the park. The staircase and railing were not always there. The building managers almost dug out the beautiful bushes to make a playground. The fairy foxes were enraged. They caused so much mischief that the developers gave up the project. It was not the smiling kind either.

Every week the foxes save up what is left of the nectar in a small vial. Depending on the week the colors swirl in different shades. Blue mists as a clear ocean, purple galaxies, the green of a still forest, white and smallest snowflakes, the orange of an autumn afternoon. Once the vial is full the youngest fairy takes it and finds a person in need. They make be homeless, crying, rich, yet poor in life, bullied, friendless, or dying. The youngest foxes are the best at finding the sadness. when they find the person they give them the vial. It may take on different shapes. A necklace, inside of a snow globe, the warmth of an old photo found in a pile of memoirs. The thing that person needs most of all at that very moment. And they never know if it changes anything, but they keep doing it. For everyone needs the comfort of smiles. The feeling of being wanted. Everyone deserves happiness.



Published by Corrie.S.P.

The story of Corrie is a strange and fantastic tale told over many generations. It mostly consists of Scripture, books, friends, and fun. But, it has been known to include crochet, cooking, baking, drawing, and organization. Corrie, is a strange beast and likes to dwell in shadows observing life and reading mysteries. She plays with animals and has a few close friends. Jesus Christ died for her sins and she will willingly talk to anyone about the Scriptures. If you wish to seek her friendship you must be honest, friendly, true, faithful, charitable, compassionate, and kind. No ordinary person can win the trust of the Corrie. Explore a little bit of her mind on her blogs, she enjoys getting comments on her posts. It means a lot to her. It means that someone took the time to pay attention and read her post and that is an awesome thing! And remember, tread carefully, for Corrie is always watching.

14 thoughts on “The Fox Garden @DrawingAllDay

  1. The fact that it really is a railing in the heart of Chattanooga, and they left part of nature in the middle of the walkway, makes the story so much more authentic 🥹💖 I LOVED reading it, Corrie! Fantastic job!!


  2. Awwww I LOVED your story, Corrie!!! The fairy foxes was such a neat idea and I thought the whole ideas was super sweet and beautiful!!! I’m glad the fairy foxes were able to halt the building of the staircases in the park. 😉 Go fairy foxes! *pumps fist in the air* You did a FANTASTIC job on this story, and I loved reading it!!!! <3333


    1. Thanks a Heap!
      I did misspell a word. Can you find it? I was reading it with my grandma and she read it and said: “*insert word here*? I think that was spelled wrong….”
      Yesss! Go foxes! My prize as second place is a drawing of a fairy fox. I wonder what it will look like?🤔


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