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History of the Middle East



Grade 8

Lesson 5


Writing Assignment: Write a one-to-two-page paper on one of the following topics:

– History of the Middle East

– History of Africa

– History of Oceania and Southeast Asia

The Middle east was the place where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flowed. It was called “The Fertile Crescent because of its rich land and bounty. It was the birthplace of civilization. It is the place where Europe, Africa and Asia meet. It has a small number of mountain ranges.

The Middle East is composed today of 7 countries. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Iran. But it was not always so. From 1000 BC to 500 AD, it was made up of the major powers; Persia, Rome, Parthia and the short-lasting Alaxander the Great. Babylon ruled also in the middle east but that was a time before the other four. These empires rose and fell. By 500 AD the region was split between Roman and Persian rule.

Despite being so great, very few marks are left from them on the culture of the Middle East. Instead most of the culture is based around Islam. In the 7th century AD Islam took over the Middle East. Muslim Califates and Sultanates began spreading through the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine was the formerly known Eastern Roman Empire. It lasted almost a Millennium till 1453 BC when it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was large. It controlled Eastern Europe, North Africa and Parts of Spain besides the Middle East. They united the Muslims. Iran had changed hands many times during the years but in 1750 BC it was controlled by the Safavid Empire.

There are magnificent religious buildings in the Middle East. Two of the most famous are the Dome Of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher located in the same city.

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Let me know of mistakes, questions or any of your thoughts about this essay.


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