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Interview with M!a

Hey Guys!

Today I am sharing with you an interview I had with the Winner of my Assumptions Post!

You can check that out here if you have not already: Assumptions & Reacting to the Assumptions

The winner was M!a! Today I am interviewing her since she picked that prize!

Corrie: Hello M!a! How are you doing? Is this your first Interview?

M!a: I’m doing great! This is not my first interview IF you include the ones on The Deputy of LightClan’s Blog. Otherwise, yes, this is my first.

Corrie: Awesome! Glad I get to ask the super cool questions first!πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

M!a: Who doesn’t love answering super cool questions?

Corrie: Q1: How many blogs do you have? Will you make anymore in the future?

M!a: A1: Okay, I’ve got a LOT. Like, a lot A LOT. Including my team blogs, I’ve got 15! Not including my team blogs/the ones I didn’t create, I’ve got 12! I’m not really sure if I’ll make more in the future, but I’ll have to delete one for every new blog I create

Corrie: What?!?!?😲🀯😱 I had no Idea!!!!!!! I thought you have like 6! 15!!!!?!? What are they all about?! Are some of them not used anymore? ( I see that soon you are going to take over the blogging world!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜)

M!a: I love your reaction! Anyways, my most popular blog is Curious Thoughts, its former name Writing Overload and before that, The Hopeful Writer. I have one about WoF, 5 about Warriors, a poems blog, an anime blog, a cooking blog, and a Christian blog. Oh, and an essays blog! I’ve got three team blogs,

Corrie: Q2: Which is your favorite out of your blogs?

M!a: A2: Definitely M!a’s Curious Thoughts.

I think that’s my favorite as well, but I have not seen all 15 of yours yetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

M!a: Haha, probably no one has. My account’s connected to my mom’s email, so she gets notification for each blog, lol!

Corrie: Q3: I can’t remember how long you have been blogging, I feel like I should know it, but I don’t.πŸ˜…

M!a: A3: I’ve been blogging for three years. I started because of RPC, but as I got further into blogging, it sortof just became a thing I did for fun, which I still do!

Corrie: Cool! I have been blogging for around 2 years.

Corrie: Q4: Which type of posts that you make are your favorite? Do you have a favorite post overall?

M!a: A4: I really like making survey posts, contest posts, and podcasts posts, although I don’t do the second one very often. I really don’t have a favorite post to be honest!

Corrie: I don’t really have a favorite post that I make but I think the random ones are the most fun!

Corrie: Q5: What are your favorite holidays? And why those?

M!a: A5: I love Christmas because we celebrate the birth of Jesus! And also, we see a lot of my family members around this time!

Corrie: I like Thanksgiving because we go to a friends’ house every year as a tradition and it is a lot of fun! I also like Christmas since I get to make and give presents. And of course I love to celebrate Jesus’ Birth! It is the most important even in History along with Him dying on the cross for us! And being Risen from the Dead!

M!a: Oh yes, I love all those too!

Corrie: Q6: Do you have any pets?

M!a: A6: Sadly, no 😦 Although I’m asking my parents for a white chinchilla πŸ˜€

Corrie: I’m feel the sadness for you. Oooo! I did not know you could get those as pets! Are they hard to take care of?

M!a: To be honest, I didn’t do any research πŸ˜…πŸ˜‘

Corrie: Q7: While we are on the subject of pets. What is your dream pet?

M!a: A7: Imaginary or reality? My imaginary pet would be a dragon, of course! My reality pet would most likely be a cat (but my brother and I are allergic 😦 ), so I’d also want a chinchilla

Corrie: Both is good. I think I would want an Alicorn. But one that talks.😏

M!a: An alicorn would be awesome.

Corrie: Q8: You have been following my blog for a while, which of my posts is your favorite? If you don’t have one which series of posts that I make are your fave?

M!a: A8: I love your contest posts and (being me) your Warrior cat posts!

Corrie: I bet! I like my warrior cat posts as well!

Corrie: Q9: Did you think you were going to win when you made your assumptions?

M!a: A9: Honestly… I didn’t understand the winning part (IK I’m naive)

Corrie: Le Gasp! well, I’m glad you won so we get to have this awesome interview!

M!a: Me too! Ty for letting me!

Corrie: Q10: We are getting towards the end of the interview. But I am so glad we got to do this! Do you have any questions for me?

M!a: A10: I’d say so! Are you ready to answer them?

Corrie: Yesss! Hit me!

M!a: Q1: This first question is out of curiosity (I mean really, what isn’t πŸ˜‚). What is your favorite blog, and why?

Corrie: A1: Ooooo! Really hard one! I don’t have one. I like some blogs more than others but all of the blogs I follow I follow for a reason. And mostly I like interacting with people.

M!a: I get you. It was really hard for me to say M!a’s Curious Thoughts earlier. I love interacting with people too!

Corrie: Oh you meant out of my blogs? I think I like Miraculus Homeschool best.

M!a: That’s my fav out of your blogs, too!

M!a: Q2: Do you have any pet goats? If so, how many? Which one is your fav and why? And which goat has the strongest/biggest/most personalities? Sorry, that’s like, four questions in one!

Corrie: A2: Haha, No prob. Yes, as you know I have 21 pet goats. Maybe you meant like just a pet? I see all of my goats as pets. I have a very hard time choosing just one favorite. I have my faves sorta out of each category:

#1: The boys: I really like David out of all my boy goats. His bleats are unmistakable, just the other day I was outside with Papa and he started bleating and I knew right away it was him. He is just so cute!(what goat is not?) And he has a loving personality. I really hope he makes it through life. It is really hard for baby goats to grow the first year because they are so suspectable to worms and coccidia.

#2: The teens: Out of all our teenage goats I like Princess Buttercup best. She has tiny ears and a inquisitive personality.

#3: The adult females: The is really hard. I like Candy, our single nigerian dawf female but I also like Daisy, Daffodil, Susie, Rainy-Day-Drops(Raindrop), Shy, Honey Dew, Sunset Speckles, Lupe, Coffee Cake, and Jessica, so hard choice.

M!a: Awwwww! They sound so cute 😍

M!a: Q3: What is your favorite flower/tree/shrub or plant? If you want, you can answer for all of those three, or just tell me your fav plant.

Corrie: A3: I like Yellow Roses, Sunflowers and Gardenias. I like Citrus trees and I’m not sure about shrubs.

M!a: Those are great plants!

Corrie: Thank you so much for doing the interview! It was a ton of fun!

M!a: Tysm to you! I had fun! Seeya!

I am doing more questions posts where other people can win guest posts and such so be on the lookout if you liked this post.πŸ™‚


Published by Corrie.S.P.

The story of Corrie is a strange and fantastic tale told over many generations. It mostly consists of Scripture, books, friends, and fun. But, it has been known to include crochet, cooking, baking, drawing, and organization. Corrie, is a strange beast and likes to dwell in shadows observing life and reading mysteries. She plays with animals and has a few close friends. Jesus Christ died for her sins and she will willingly talk to anyone about the Scriptures. If you wish to seek her friendship you must be honest, friendly, true, faithful, charitable, compassionate, and kind. No ordinary person can win the trust of the Corrie. Explore a little bit of her mind on her blogs, she enjoys getting comments on her posts. It means a lot to her. It means that someone took the time to pay attention and read her post and that is an awesome thing! And remember, tread carefully, for Corrie is always watching.

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