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Reacting to Your Assumptions

Hey Guys!

I got some cool assumptions and I am here today to react and answer them. So stay with me to see if you won the blog review/showcase from me on my blog or an interview.

My first assumptions came from 💛 Maya 🖤 at pottahwand:


Thank you Maya! I am happy to answer these!

Q1: You have loads of bookmarks

A1: I do/don’t. I have a crochet one that my cousin bought me a few years ago that is hands down my fave! I also have one my little sister made me. I have some that are cardboard that came in a pack and I have whatever happens to be near enough to my book when those are in use (rubberbands, flosses(not the string kind), papers… ect….). 😂😂

From left to right: floss, cardboard set, sister one, rubberband. I can’t find my crochet one and it’s killing me!

Q2: You don’t have a favorite animal, you love all animals

A2: Actually I do. I love Goats! The babies are the absolute most cute and the big ones can be really sweet! Plus they are useful not just adorbs. They give milk, eat the grass and weeds and never ever shut up!!! (last one not really useful)

My second fave animal is Cats! They are cute, catch mice, snakes, squirrels, rats, lizards, are lazy little demons, and sit at my door all night and meow to be let inside. (little stinkers!) They also are clean creatures, require low maintenance, eat once a day and clean up their waste.

Last I love Horses. They are so majestic and also sweet depending on the horse. It is fun to ride them and foals?!! Awwe!

My sister’s cat: Tom-Tom
Tumbles (long ears) & Robert (tiny ears)

My second set was from ♪M!a♪ at M!a’s Curious Thoughts:


Thanks for all of these! And I will answer them all!

Q1: Your fav color is Yellow

A1: Yes it is! I have that in my bio as well.

Q2: Your hair is black??

A2: No it is not. But… I’m not saying it’s actual color since that would be too much of a hint and spoiler for the guess what I look like post.

Q3: You prefer bunnies over chicks

A3: I actually like chicks more. Right now my family has 20 or so new baby chicks.

My Chicks

Q4: You only have two blogs (not including team blogs)

A4: Yep! Just two! This one and my WDYTB Fan-blog. But I am a collaber on Sawyer’s Blog, Your Blog, Warrior Cat Fans, Moonshadow’s Kits, and The Deputy of Lightclan’s Blog. LOL, most of those are yours.

Q5: You prefer tea over coffee

A5: I do! I like tea better. #1 some ingredients in coffee can stunt your growth (or that’s just a myth) but I’m not taking any chances, I want to be tall. #2 I am not allowed to drink really caffeinated drinks and caffeine is really addicting. #3 I don’t really like the taste. #4 tea has a small amount of caffeine so it does help you stay awake but is not as powerful. #5 It comes in all kinds of flavors you can’t get from coffee. #6 It is not as hard of a taste so I prefer it.

Note: None of what I said has anything to do with being mean or hurtful to people who do like coffee. I am just listing my reasons I don’t drink it a lot. I don’t mind decaf types.

Q6: Your fav character from Survivors is Storm or Sweet

A6: Yes! I love them both! I tend to like Storm more though.

Survivors Book

Q7: You do not like dark chocolate!

A7: I do like it! Not as much as milk or white but it is pretty good with ice cream and caramel.

I had a lot of fun answering them! Thank you!

The third person to comment was oliverneudorf at oliverneudorf:


You are allowed to do as many as you want so I will answer them all! Thank you Oliver!

Q1: I think that your favorite animal isss aaaaaaaaa Koala bear, or an alligator [cause why not].

A1: Well, I’m sure you read the above but I like koala bears as well! And I made a swim in the pool called the: Wait for it… “Death Roll” modeled after what alligators do to their prey…..

Q2: I think that your favorite color is……GREEN.

A2: Nope, yellow. Then comes Blue, and Red. Then the other colors.

Q3: I think that you know or are learning one other language.

A3: I am learning Spanish. It is hard to learn the grammar but I think I have got the hang of it. Lots of practice!

Q4: I think that you like to do artsy things [since you have a whole art-based page on your blog] mainly……. crafts with fabric. [just a guess].

A4: Does crocheting count as fabric? If so yes! I love to crochet. And I do like artsy things as a secondhand hobby to reading and cooking. ( and ruling my sisters) (heheheh😅)

Q5: I bet you like soccer or baseball, and I think your favorite subject is…… history.

A5: My favorite subject is History! I love it! I am also a part of a History Club that meets every month (virtually). I met one of my friends there.

I took soccer when I was little but did not really enjoy it. I think I might like it better now but maybe not. I do like hitting balls with sticks and my sisters and I came up with our own way of playing baseball, but honestly I am not really into sports. I don’t watch any and am more of an inside person. But I like playing outside with my sisters and friends.

Those were fun! Thanks!

Fourth, my questions came from Nat at warriorcatsfanblog:

Q1: I assume you like Warrior cats 😆

A1: Well actually they disgust me….. JK! You had better know that I do!

Q2: You like reading

A2: Yeppers! My favorite thing to do!

Q3: You like Hollyleaf and WindClan

A3: GASP! 😱 How ever did you guess????! 😉😏

Q4: You have goats and your favorite animal is goats

A4: Now your not even trying……

Q5: Maybe your fast?

A5: Maybe I am. I’m not the fastest runner but not the slowest. I don’t like running very much and tend to stick to hiding when we play tag.😂

Q6: You have siblings??

A6: Yep! Two sisters! One is 12 the other is 8.

Nice ones Nat!

Last my assumption came from ehbriers at Lucky Elise:

Q: You have at least 1 cat

A: Yep! I have one cat! My baby: Bagheera. My sister’s cat Tom-Tom and him are brothers 2 of 6 babies.

The winner with the most fun assumptions is:









I liked answering your assumptions and they were interesting and fun!


Second Place goes to:



Awesome Assumptions!

Third is:



Yours were short and sweet.

M!a, let me know if you want an interview, blog review, or showcase.

Bye Guys! Thanks for reading!


Published by Corrie.S.P.

The story of Corrie is a strange and fantastic tale told over many generations. It mostly consists of Scripture, books, friends, and fun. But, it has been known to include crochet, cooking, baking, drawing, and organization. Corrie, is a strange beast and likes to dwell in shadows observing life and reading mysteries. She plays with animals and has a few close friends. Jesus Christ died for her sins and she will willingly talk to anyone about the Scriptures. If you wish to seek her friendship you must be honest, friendly, true, faithful, charitable, compassionate, and kind. No ordinary person can win the trust of the Corrie. Explore a little bit of her mind on her blogs, she enjoys getting comments on her posts. It means a lot to her. It means that someone took the time to pay attention and read her post and that is an awesome thing! And remember, tread carefully, for Corrie is always watching.

23 thoughts on “Reacting to Your Assumptions

      1. Interview: I give you questions and you answer them.
        Blog Review: I post about one of your blogs that you choose and say what I like about it and give some feedback on posts, writing quality and just my views and ideas. All positive and helpful.
        Showcase: You tell me which of your blogs you want me to make a post about sharing the link and talking about the kind of posts you make on it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey, can I have your WordPress name or email if you’re allowed so I can make you an admin on my site for the interview? Or would you rather me send you the questions on ur chat?
        I won’t approve your comment if you do give me an email or username.
        I tried using “M!a” but no luck😐😕
        How did you make me one on urs?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. i had fun learning more about you!
    and uh- sorry for not sending in any assumptions 😂👏
    to be fair i actually don’t remember seeing the post for some reason…


      1. yeah sometimes i wonder what the reader’s doing 😟 or maybe it’s me 🤣


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