Interview with M!a

Hey Guys! Today I am sharing with you an interview I had with the Winner of my Assumptions Post! You can check that out here if you have not already: Assumptions & Reacting to the Assumptions The winner was M!a! Today I am interviewing her since she picked that prize! Corrie: Hello M!a! How areContinue reading “Interview with M!a”

Open Contest 10! Hope!

Hey guys!! Can you believe we are already at our Tenth Open Contest? Or that we have done Nine of these? Crazy! I would never have hoped that we would come this far or have such amazing contestants every time. But we do! Today is the 16th! I am announcing this early (*actually on timeContinue reading “Open Contest 10! Hope!”

Guest Post Announcement!

Originally posted on Low Expectations:
Hey everyone! In the last post I teased a guest post with Corrie from over at Miraculous Homeschool. So, without further ado, here it is! Special thanks to Corrie for letting me ramble about writing for waaaay too long. Go and send her some love for sure! Alright! That’s…

Collab with Brooke!! Guest Post!

Hey guys!! I am excited to be able to do another collab with an awesome fellow blogger! Want to know what else is cool? She is also a Christian! We are doing guest posts about writing prompts and techniques. Check out my Guest post here on her blog: And get ready for her guestContinue reading “Collab with Brooke!! Guest Post!”

Le GaSp! UnReSpOnDeD tO pOsT?!?!

HeY gUyS! So, I tOlD yOu AlL tHaT i HaD nEvEr DoNe An asSuMpTiOnS pOsT bEfOrE rIgHt? WeLl……………. I aCtUaLlY dId MaKe OnE i ToAtALlY fOrGoT aBoUt! Le GaSp!!? SoOoOoOoOoOo…………………………….. I fElT lIkE i HaD tO mAkE tHiS pOsT aNd AnSwEr ThOsE!! FiRsT uP: FlOrA: ShE sAiD: In ReSpOnSe: I lIke WrItInG, bUt It’SContinue reading “Le GaSp! UnReSpOnDeD tO pOsT?!?!”

Let’s Start Tuesday off (Bad😈) Good😇! “Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Prankster”

Hey Guys! This Week is a fresh start so let prank some people! It’s a scientific fact that pulling pranks helps you grow and learn! It takes a lot of skill to pull some hard pranks and it grows your brain cells!! Is that awesome or what?! They are so fun! Prank #1: Short-Sheeting aContinue reading “Let’s Start Tuesday off (Bad😈) Good😇! “Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Prankster””

Open Contest: 9! WINNERS!!!

Hey Guys! I am excited to post the results! It was so very close all throughout the voting time but there must be a conclusion sometime! First up the: Original Mediums/Digital Winners! First Place: Creative Skate!! (6 Votes) Creative Skate’s blog: Tied for Second Place: Lucky Elise! (3 Votes) Lucky Elise’s blog: AndContinue reading “Open Contest: 9! WINNERS!!!”

May the Fourth be with You/Announcements!!!

Hey guys! I’m exited to say I now have over 150 followers! 153 to be exact! I can’t believe it! Thanks so much everyone! Look! I never thought it could happen!!!!! I also am getting views from Indonesia The United States India Canada The United Kingdom Australia Japan Germany France Egypt China Russia Mexico UkraineContinue reading “May the Fourth be with You/Announcements!!!”

Spring Is Here!

Hey Guys! Becky at Books and Hooks is celebrating 100 followers!! I hope you guys will hop over there and give her a congrats! She is also hosting a Springtime Contest! Rules Choose one photo that you took in 2022 that makes you think of spring! (animals, nature, flowers, etc.) Make sure the photo is appropriate. AnyContinue reading “Spring Is Here!”

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