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Myths, gods, and life.


Lesson 115



Assignment: Write a one to two page paper on the following topic:

Topic: How did the Greek worldview influence their myths and the stories they told?

The Greeks believed in an assortment of many gods. They believed there was a god for everything. There was a god of the sky, earth, music, hunters, war, peace, women, and many others. They also believed that the Gods all worked together to help and punish the people. When natural disasters happened, they made it seem like the gods were the reasons.

To explain certain things they made up myths that told about how they came about.  For example there is the myth of how the world was formed. It says that the world was in a state of nothing and suddenly the mother earth Gaia became real out of light. The titans were born out of her and Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades were the sons of titans. They fought against their parents and the other titans and killed their father and trapped the other titans. Zeus became the god of the sky and of the earth. Poseidon became the god of the sea and Hades the god of the underworld Tartarus.

Their myths were strongly based on the gods and the monsters and giants. In one story the protagonist Jason has to go on a trip to capture the Fabled Golden Fleece. He is at first in a quandary as to what to do but with some help from the Talking Oak he is soon ready to begin. He needs some help and the tree tells him to recruit fifty young heroes. Many men and women come at his call, and soon the quota is filled. They go on to defeat many bizarre creatures and monsters. They are successful in taking the Golden Fleece and thus fulfilling their quest.

I think that because of their worldview about all the different gods it changed the way they tell myths and stories.

Please tell me of errors or mistakes.



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