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History Review: Week 22.


Grade 6

Week 22.


Assignment: Summarize the life of two or three of the kings of Ancient Rome.

Tullus Hostilius

Tullus Hostilius was a very warlike and violent man. He was the third king of Rome. He was even more warlike than Romulus the first king. While he was king the Albans and Romans were in disagreement. Both nations had been stealing from each other. The Alban general wanted to make peace and not shed blood through meaningless fighting, so he called a meeting between himself and Tullus. The general’s name was Mettius. He and Tullus decided that a duel would be fought between two sets of triplet brothers.

The duel was fought and Rome’s team won. Because they lost the Albans had to join Rome and help them. Sometime later Tullus was fighting a battle. The Albans were supposed to come and help him but they did not show up. Rome won the victory anyway and then Tullus killed Mettius for his disobedience.

In 642 BC Tullus died. He was about to go on a military conquest but he fell sick. He did not die from the sickness though. One day lightning struck his house and he died. The people said that Zeus the god of lightning and thunder had killed him. He helped expand Rome’s borders.

Servius Tullius

Servius Tullius was the first king not elected by the people or senate. After his father Lucius Tarquinius Priscus was assassinated by the sons of Ancus Marcus because they were mad that he was king instead of him, his mother tried to cover it up. She said that he had only been wounded and while he was “recovering” Servius ruled in his stead. After it came out that his father was really dead the people made Servius king because he was a fair and just man. He is said by Livy to have been the best king that Rome ever had.

He was actually adopted by Lucius Priscus and most possibly had been a slave before that. But he grew up in the palace and knew how a good king should act. Being adopted though was bad news for Servius. His adoptive brother Lucius Tarquinius Superbus had him killed. Lucius was mad that as the blood son he was not made king.

Numa Pompilius

Numa Pompilius was the second king of Rome. He was elected by the senate because Romulus had no clear successor. He was picked because he was not a warlike or demanding man. He was not from Rome. He wanted only peace during his reign and there was no war while he ruled.

He built a temple to Janus the two faced god. The temple was simple but it did have one impressive part. The doors on the temple were closed when there was peace and opened during  war. The entire reign of Numa the doors stayed closed. The only other time that the doors stayed closed like that was when Julius Cesar became emperor.

Numa is remembered for organizing the calendar and setting up a person in charge of the sacrifices and worship to the gods. He reigned forty-three years and died in 673 BC.

Please tell me of errors and or mistakes.



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