Some questions?

Will you answer, people?

I want to make you think, Which of these would you erase from exsistence?

Cats or dogs?

Pizza or pancakes?

Family or God?

Love or Money?

TV shows or movies?

Birds or beasts?

Ants or mosquitoes?

Is that all?


Published by Corrie.S.P.

I LOVE Books, Cooking, Drawing, and Coloring. I also Love spending time with my family, friends, and animals. I crochet as well, it is fun and relaxing. I also Love the Show Miraculous Ladybug. I love God and I love reading the Scriptures. I am a Grade 6 student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. I enjoy getting likes and comments. Feel free to follow me if you find my site interesting.

39 thoughts on “Some questions?

    Which would I erase?
    Cats or Dogs: FREEKIN FLEAS.
    Pizza or Pancakes: Uhhhh… well my brother would be sad without pancakes, so pizza?
    Family or God: Myself and everything I own.
    Love or Money: Money.
    TV Shows or Movies: ….. Why are you making me choose between these things?!! ;-;
    Birds or Beasts: Ummm? Depends what do you mean by beasts?
    Ants or Mosquitoes: Hands down, mosquitoes.


  2. I would erase:
    Cats or Dogs: Cats I think…..but again, maybe dogs.
    Pizza or Pancakes: NOOOOOOO!!! I need both of them to survive. But MAYBE, MAYBE……..pancakes….*sadly sighs*.
    Family or God: Really hard to choose. But I don’t really believe in God so much so probably, God.
    Love or Money: Money.
    TV Shows or Movies: TV shows!! I can’t let go of movies!!
    Birds or Beasts: Probably beasts.
    Ants or Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes for sure!!


  3. I have a bad feeling this is gonna hurt, but here I go!
    pancakes (whyyyyyy must you do this to me, Corrie???? 🤣)
    Sorry, but it’s gonna have to be family. Without God, I just wouldn’t be here or who I am today. (Love you, Jesus!!!!)
    money (this one was easy!)
    TV shows
    Umm… I think so. Is this supposed to be a trick question. XD


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