A new pet!

Ok, To start off this post is not about my new pet. It is a story about a new pet.

I am going to enter it into the contest that is being made by: Diamond from Build a Bears Furever: https://miraculushomeschool.wordpress.com/2021/04/14/1461-days/

I hope you like my story!


For one thing I was never plannig on getting a new pet!

It all happened so fast. The death and the funeral. I felt as if I was going to break in two and never be restored.

AS I look out the window, the same window I looked out all thoes years ago. I see my life flashing before me. All events leading up to the wreck.

Chapter 1

In all my young life it was just me, mom, and dad. Never anything else,………. anyone.

I was standing by the window, the window of our summer home in the country. I was fingering the necklace my mom had let me wear in honor of her birthday.

She and dad had gone out to a birthday lunch in the small town of Petunia. I stayed behind to play with my dolls like every year.

Then when they returned home, I would always act mad because they went to eat without me. Even though I did not mind. It was their speacial time together and I was glad to see them so happy.

After I was done being “mad” We would make dinner together instead of having Ms. Landa do it. Ms. Landa was the housekeeper/chef at our summer home. My mom always cooked Spaggetti and my dad made the breadsticks and meat triangles. I was in charge of the important task of tossing the noodles. I thought it was a big deal! I always remember things like that and smile sadly, never to be again.

When dinner was finished we would sit on the porch in our PJ’s and relax, talk, and enjoy the time together while we ate. It was one of the highlights of summer in Petunia. My parents worked a lot and I did not get to see them much unless I had a really tough problem or was sad. My brother was grown and he lived in France being a teacher to french children. I missed his smiles but I had Mom and Dad. They always cheered me up, no matter how hard of a job they were working on.

After we ate we usually were hungry for dessert. But there was a catch! Ms. Landa would always make something delish, but then she would hide it! The evening would be spent searching for the dessert which was always hidden in plain sight.

One year she hid some brownies on top of the counter! How could we have missed it you ask? Well we did not think she would hide it in the kitchen where she made it, would you?

This year I knew what she had made! I even helped! We made a cake with my Mom’s favorite animal on it. I did not know where she hid it but I was excited to find it and tell Mom I helped make it!

I was not exspecting the news. It hit me like a ton of bricks had been dumped on my heart! Ms. Landa came to me as I was looking out the window waiting for my parents’ car to roll around the bend in the road.

She said “Suzanna, honey….Your parents are not coming home tonight.” I should have known then and there that something was wrong. I wasnever called Suzanna unless I was in trouble. It was always Suzan, or Suze.

“What? Did they have car troubles?” I said.

She replyed with tears in her eyes, “No… They are dead”

I felt myself grow dizzy,

than lightheaded, then nothing.

My world went black.

For the first and last time, I fainted.



Dramatic closing huh? I hope you enjoyed this chapter of the story. Should I write more? What were your feelings on the story? Please tell me what you liked and did not like.

Thanks for reading.


Published by Corrie.S.P.

I LOVE Books, Cooking, Drawing, and Coloring. I also Love spending time with my family, friends, and animals. I crochet as well, it is fun and relaxing. I also Love the Show Miraculus Ladybug. I love God and I love reading the scriptues. I am a 6th grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. I enjoy getting likes and comments. Please follow me if you find my site interesting.

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