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Hi! Do you like tarantulas? I kinda do. My sister has one we got her for her birthday last year. It’s name is Diablo and it’s a girl! It is a Mexican Red Nee Tarantula and Diablo means devil in Spanish. You would know why we named her that, if you saw her eat aContinue reading “Molting!”

Following part 6

Sorry it has taken me soo long to write this. Number 31. I love the doodles and the posts are awesome and funny! Number 32. OK, you probably know about this blog if you read my other post but if not. This is my best friend’s blog and It is mostly for littleContinue reading “Following part 6”

Behind the Scenes of Maggie

special features from my life!


A nerds blog about cats, books, movies and tv, comics, animals and more!

Behold Peace

a fable rose bible study

A Christian Kid's Journal (currently on hiatus)

the documented journey of one made by Him and for Him

Another Chapter

life, one chapter at a time

Life with Liz

Join me on this crazy adventure of a lifetime!

The Texas Lass

Reflections and Reviews on the Good Old Days

Warrior Cats Love

Hi! I love Erin Hunter's Warriors, so I finally made a blog about them. I will be posting fanfic, drawings, and more!

Z World

Better Than Yesterday 🖤

Lillian Keith

The Introspective Introvert

oliver neudorf

Writings and Thoughts


on life, cooking, family; the ramblings of a teenage girl

A Girls Guide

A guide for girls from girls

♛ The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen ♛

"Because being a teen is a growing process."

Light Bulbs From Eeshani's Mind

-from mind to screen-

Made for Joy

thoughts and writing from the long road to joy