Interview with Perlexinglexi!

Hello! I am doing something that was done first by Flora’s Week Show: Only I am interviewing Perplexinglexi!

Corrie: “Hello Lexi”

Lexi: “Hi!”

Corrie: “I’m going to ask you some questions ok?”

Lexi: “Intriguing”

Corrie: “First Question: Are you ready?”

Lexi: “Yes!”

Corrie: “Second Question: How long have you been bloging?”

Lexi: “Two Days”

Corrie: “You have such knowledge(wink)”

Lexi: “Why Thank You(wink back)”

Corrie: “Third Question: How are you liking blogging?”

Lexi: “It is going really well and it’s fun, so… a lot”

Corrie: “What do you want to happen with your blog?”

Lexi: “Well I hope that it becomes a success and people enjoy it”

Corrie: “Great Goals!”

Lexi: “Yeah, I’m just doing it for fun but I hope people enjoy it”

Corrie: “Let’s try another type of question. What is your favorite game?”

Lexi: “Hmm……………Role-playing”

Corrie: “What are your favorite things to role-play as?”

Lexi: “My Little Pony characters”

Corrie: “Your favorite animal is a fox. Why?”

Lexi: “Because they are cute, and fluffy, and pretty, and they are sneaky”

Corrie: ” Why do you like that they are sneaky?”

Lexi: “Because I am sneaky and a lot of my family are sneaky. We are like a bunch of ninjas”

Corrie: “Okay, LOL. Now that we are on the subject of family’s, what is your favorite thing to do with yours?”

Lexi: “I like to run and play with my younger siblings and with my older sibling I like to watch videos and play games with her. I also like to watch shows and go places with my parents.”

Corrie: “I’d like to take a moment to say great job on the above picture!”

Lexi: “Thanks! I actually made it a while ago, but still.”

Corrie: “Okay! Enough of the chit chat! This is real!”

Lexi: “Ok.”

Corrie: “How do you see your blog in one year?”

Lexi: “Ponies, furries, animals, people gazing upon them with joy!”

Corrie: “……….Okay? Do you mean drawings?”

Lexi: “Possibly………You’ll just have to find out” >:)

Corrie: “Ok everyone, Be afraid!”

Lexi: “Who’s to say you should. Who’s to say you should not.”

Corrie: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Lexi: “Most likely a Vet Technician”

Corrie: “What Is your Favorite Video game?”

Lexi: “Hmm……hmmm…….hmmm……….I can’t really decide”

Corrie: “Any ideas and tips for beginner bloggers like yourself?”

Lexi: “If you want people to be able to comment on your stuff, go to the page you want comments on and the options will be up in the corner. I had trouble finding it at first. I had to search for a while.”

Corrie: “Cool tip. Anything else? Inspiring? “

Lexi: “It does not matter what people say, If you like making the blog and think it’s fun, then keep doing it”

Corrie: “I am inspired already! Anyway…. What made you want to blog?”

Lexi: “Well…..I saw your blog and I was like: Hmmm…..that looks fun, then I wanted to make one.”

Corrie: I am glad I am such an inspiration! What is your blogging style?”

Lexi: : “*shrugs*”

Corrie: “What is your hands down, fave thing about blogging?”

Lexi: “Hmmm………I literally have had the blog for 3 days now. I have not had time to explore the pros and cons yet, so I don’t know yet”(Note: We did this interview over the course of two days),

Corrie: “Okay, makes sense. How much time do you spend on your blog per day?”

Lexi: “Well, probably a few minuets a day currently. But it’s open all day.”

Corrie: “I am always on my blog it seems. I like to check mine every hour. But not just my site, I like to see other people’s posts and comment on them.”

Lexi: “I do check it every few minutes or so but that was not part of the question so that’s why I did not mention it. I also look at other people’s stuff.

Corrie: “Before we end this interview, would you tell other people to make a blog? Why? Why not?”

Lexi: “If you have the time to check it often, you enjoy typing and creating stuff, and you think you would enjoy it. Then I do recommend it.”

Corrie: “Great advice. Thanks for the interview!”

Lexi: “You’re welcome. I enjoyed it.”

Corrie: “Me too, Bye for now!”

Lexi: “Byeee”

I hope you enjoyed these Q&A’s. Please comment on spelling mistakes. We did this interview over a call, so these are real time answers. Again, I got this idea from Flora’s Week Show. Thanks Flora!

Bye for now!


Published by Corrie.S.P.

I LOVE Books, Cooking, Drawing, and Coloring. I also Love spending time with my family, friends, and animals. I crochet as well, it is fun and relaxing. I also Love the Show Miraculus Ladybug. I love God and I love reading the scriptues. I am a 6th grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. I enjoy getting likes and comments. Please follow me if you find my site interesting.

12 thoughts on “Interview with Perlexinglexi!

  1. Awesome interview Corrie and Lexie!! Yeah I love reading Flora’s interviews 😄💕
    My Little Pony is EPIC!!! And welcome to blogging Lexie! Blogging is a super fun hobby 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love MLP. (My Little Pony) The wall next to my bed has a bunch of wall stickers of the Mane 6, Spike, Celestia, and all of their Cutie Marks. (Exept for Spike he does not have a Cutie Mark. He is a dragon.)


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